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Luca Balsa was once a world-renowned inventor. He never gave up his deepest aspiration even when he was in jail. Now that he's free, nothing is stopping him from completing his greatest invention.

Luca Balsa, also known as the "Prisoner", is a survivor released in the second essence of Season 10. He is one of 28 playable survivors added to Identity V. He is available for purchase after the completion of the prologue.


Luca has a light skin tone with a relatively strong build. His eyes are dark gray in hue. His left eyelid is purple in color and covers half of the left eye, this suggests that he may have a black eye. Luca's hair is brown in color and pulled back into a ponytail with messy bangs covering some of his face. His mouth is upturned in a wide smirk with a single sharp tooth overlapping his bottom lip.

Luca wears a classic white and black striped top of a prison uniform with the collar popped up. The shirt slightly reveals Luca's chest which is wrapped in bandages. Luca has a pair of electrician gloves colored a dull ivory/cream. He has on a pair of blue jeans that are rolled up slightly. He dons a pair of brown shoes with a belt wrapped both of his ankles. Each belt is attached to Luca's legs, just below the knees.

Luca has a brown leather belt around his waist with holding up 2 toolbags on his hips. The toolbag on Luca's left hip contains a hammer, a screwdriver, a rope, and a wire whereas the toolbag on the right contains a wrench and a belt. Luca also has a chain around his neck with about 4 chain links on it.


Luca Balsa used to be considered friendly and too trusting by most people. No one knows where he came from or has seen his family, but clearly, he's well educated. He has a tremendous sense of pride and he is curious about all sorts of scientific inventions.

And so it's no surprise that he became the assistant of the most famous inventor in town.

The great inventor thinks highly of Luca and a lot of people thought he would be the inventor's successor. Yet everything came to a halt because of an academic dispute.

The great inventor claimed that Luca sold his research to a competitor behind his back, that Luca is an ungrateful traitor. Yet Luca said the great inventor is a thief who has run out of ideas.

No one knows what actually happened as the great inventor died in an accident in the laboratory, while Luca suffered irreversible brain damage and was accused of murder.

Luca was sentenced to hang, but he was somehow pardoned at the last minute.

Yet there is no turning back for Luca. His memory becomes poor and he can't concentrate on his work. He can no longer conduct scientific researches and all of his savings went to the immense compensation for the inventor's wife.

Nevertheless, Luca is still determined to complete his initial invention, but this requires a lot of money. And so he decides to take a gamble on the invitation which promised him an enormous reward.


Luca is a decoder without any notable movement debuffs, and with a small electric stun ability, giving him higher survivability compared to other decoder characters.

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  • He was added to the game during Season 10, on March 25, 2020.
  • Luca is currently the only survivor in which only one eye follows the blinking animation, instead of both or none, with the blackened eye remaining open forever.
    • Curiously, in pre-release footage showcasing his abilities and design, both eyes are seen blinking.
  • It is possible that he was based on or is at least partially referencing Nikola Tesla, an inventor with heavy contributions to progression in utilizing electricity.
  • Luca may be ambidextrous. He is shown in official media for the series, as well as in personal animations in the game itself, constantly switching which hand he uses as his dominant hand for tasks.
    • This may also be a reference to Nikola Tesla: he was also ambidextrous.
  • For the voting of the Deduction Star 2020, Luca's quotes were: "I may be in a prison uniform, but I'm not imprisoned.", "It's no easy task connecting the circuits, but it's what I do best!" and "When will I create my great invention?"




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Identity V - Survivor - Prisoner

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