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Luca Balsa was once a world-renowned inventor. He never gave up his deepest aspiration even when he was in jail. Now that he's free, nothing is stopping him from completing his greatest invention.

Luca Balsa, also known as the "Prisoner", is a survivor released in Season 10 Essence 2. He is one of 33 playable Survivors added to Identity V.


Luca has a light skin tone and grey eyes. One of his eyes is half-closed and purple, likely a bruise. He has messy brown hair in a small tail and a small tooth sticks out of his mouth. He wears a black and white striped prisoner's uniform, blue jeans, a brown belt, navy shin-guards and brown boots. Attached to his belt are various tools and toolholders, including a hammer, some wire, rope, a yellow screwdriver and a wrench, as well as another leather belt hanging from a silver ring. Around his neck is a silver chain and shackle and underneath it are bandages. There are also bandages on his arm. He wears cream gloves.


Luca is a decoder without any notable movement debuffs, and with a small electric stun ability, giving him higher survivability compared to other decoder characters. Luca also start a round with one electric stun ability.

External Traits

Character Statistics

Press "Expand" to see the character's statistics.


  • Running Speed: 3.8 m/s
  • Walking Speed: 2.11 m/s
  • Crouch Walking Speed: 1.14 m/s
  • Crawling Speed: 0.32 m/s


  • Duration of decoding Cipher Machines (with a Connection): 73.64 sec
  • Regressed decoding progress from electric shock: 1.0%
  • Duration of inability to decode from electric shock: 1.4 sec
  • Time spent opening Exit Gate: 18.0 sec


  • Time spent dropping pallets: 0.73 sec
  • Time spent vaulting over pallets at high speed: 1.17 sec
  • Time spent vaulting over pallets at medium speed: 1.63 sec
  • Time spent vaulting over pallets at low speed: 2.07 sec
  • Time spent vaulting over windows at high speed: 0.87 sec
  • Time spent vaulting over windows at low speed: 1.27 sec
  • Time spent going through chests: 10.0 sec


  • Time spent healing injured Survivors: 15.0 sec
  • Time spent being healed by others: 15.0 sec
  • Self-healing time after knockdown: 30.0 sec


  • Duration of footprint: 4.0 sec
  • Duration of speed boost after being hit: 2.0 sec
  • Duration of struggle while being held up: 16.0 sec
  • Rocket Chair countdown time: 60.0 sec
  • Time spent being rescued from Rocket Chairs: 1.0 sec

Character Background

Deduction Targets

All completed Objectives reward the player with +335 Logic points for the Logic Path. After the character's deductions are completed, their Worn Clothes will be available.

Please press "Expand" to see the deduction path.

Deduction Conclusion
1. Arc Light: An illusion that is transient, dangerous and bright like the sun.
  • Establish a Connection 1 time(s).
  • Establish a Connection 2 time(s).
  • Establish a Connection 3 time(s).
A diary: I found 3 drafts in my father's bookcase. They are the work of a genius, but there seem to be some pages missing. It doesn't matter anyway. I'll finish it one day.
2. Impediment: Whatever facilitates you can also be an impediment.
  • Stun a Hunter with Enhanced Charges 1 time(s).
  • Stun a Hunter with Enhanced Charges 1 time(s).
  • Stun a Hunter with Enhanced Charges 2 time(s).
A shredded admission notice: Luca Balsa, we're very honored to welcome such a prestigious character as yourself to our school. We trust that you will soon make your family proud.
3. Medium: Energy must collide in order to transmit.
  • Electrocute a Hunter 1 time(s).
  • Electrocute a Hunter 2 time(s).
  • Electrocute a Hunter 2 time(s).
An auction sales record: In a series of expensive antique sales records, a bidder named Alva bid an unbelievable price for a manuscript.
4. Tuning: You're merely the owner, not the creator.
  • Adjust transmission percentage 1 time(s).
  • Adjust transmission percentage 2 time(s).
  • Adjust transmission percentage 3 time(s).
An anecdote: An aristocrat in town lost his entire fortune on failed investments in emerging industries. He had to auction off his wife's dowry to pay off his debts. His wife died of anger. His son couldn't forgive him and left.
5. Coupling: There will only be a resonance of wisdom when the souls are comparable.
  • Encounter 1 Teammate(s).
  • Encounter 2 Teammate(s).
  • Encounter 3 Teammate(s).
An advertisement: The industrial expo is coming to town soon, at which time inventors from all over the world will gather, including our very own inventor, Alva Lorenz.
6. Calibration: There are different calibration standards for each trial.
  • Use a Connection to transmit 20% decoding progress.
  • Use a Connection to transmit 40% decoding progress.
  • Use a Connection to transmit 60% decoding progress.
A diary: I've finally become a student of Lorenz with a manuscript as consideration. But one day he'll realize that I'm worth much more than those manuscripts.
7. Mutual Feelings: Time can't change everything.
  • Use a Connection to assist the opening of 1 Cipher Machine(s).
  • Use a Connection to assist the opening of 1 Cipher Machine(s).
  • Use a Connection to assist the opening of 2 Cipher Machine(s).
An old photo: There are two people in the photo. One is the young and inexperienced Lorenz in overalls, and the other is a young man who resembles Luca Balsa in expensive clothing.
8. Boundary: What are the conditions to exchange for talent?
  • Open the exit gate.
Test Record No. 1: Despite the different experimental procedures, all of the experiments failed. The early experiments were signed off on by Lorenz. The ones later on were signed off on by Lorenz and Balsa. Those towards the end were signed off on by Balsa only.
9. Mutually Exclusive: A lunatic, or a thief?
  • Escape from the Hunter 1 time(s).
  • Escape from the Hunter 2 time(s).
  • Escape from the Hunter 2 time(s).
A police report: Alva Lorenz reported to the police that someone broke into his laboratory. The stolen items included some transaction files with client information as well as some personal manuscripts. The police suspected that the theft was committed by Lorenz's competitor.
10. Extreme: All you need is an opportunity.
  • Adjust an exit gate's transmission percentage 1 time(s).
  • Adjust an exit gate's transmission percentage 1 time(s).
  • Adjust an exit gate's transmission percentage 2 time(s).
The Record No. 2: The experiment was signed off on by Balsa. All of the experimental procedures were exactly the same. The experiment's results were omitted.
11. Overshoot: The smallest change, the greatest deviation.
  • Use a Connection transmission to assist the opening of an exit gate.
A police announcement: There was an explosion in Lorenz's laboratory, leaving 3 people dead, 2 severely injured and 1 with minor injuries. The police's preliminary investigation suggested that the explosion was caused by an illegal experiment conducted by Lorenz's assistant, Luca Balsa.

Character Backstory and Lore

  • The Deduction Quests give fragments of backstory, and were compiled into a conclusion under Theories.
  • As his diaries have not yet been released, His only confirmed teammate is the Mechanic[1].
  • See the letters received from his birthday events for more insight.

Official Website Backstory

Luca Balsa used to be considered friendly and too trusting by most people. No one knows where he came from or has seen his family, but clearly, he's well educated. He has a tremendous sense of pride and he is curious about all sorts of scientific inventions.

And so it's no surprise that he became the assistant of the most famous inventor in town.

The great inventor thinks highly of Luca and a lot of people thought he would be the inventor's successor. Yet everything came to a halt because of an academic dispute. The great inventor claimed that Luca sold his research to a competitor behind his back, that Luca is an ungrateful traitor. Yet Luca said the great inventor is a thief who has run out of ideas.

No one knows what actually happened as the great inventor died in an accident in the laboratory, while Luca suffered irreversible brain damage and was accused of murder. Luca was sentenced to hang, but he was somehow pardoned at the last minute.

Yet there is no turning back for Luca. His memory becomes poor and he can't concentrate on his work. He can no longer conduct scientific researches and all of his savings went to the immense compensation for the inventor's wife.

Nevertheless, Luca is still determined to complete his initial invention, but this requires a lot of money. And so he decides to take a gamble on the invitation which promised him an enormous reward.[2]

Official Trailer Transcription

"I can't remember how long I've been working this humble job. I can't seem to remember anything. But, I do have vague memories of that invention. As soon as I first saw it, I knew that I'd never be able to love anything else. You know, the glorious feeling of having an invention of your own is almost too good to be true.

But yet, why did he always oppose my ideas?

I never found the answer, not even when the electric current struck his brain. He's already dead, But, is there any way to prevent me from being next...?

I was acquitted with someone else's help after, but being spared from the noose was perhaps even worse as I was free but still unable to finish the great invention. Until, that letter miraculously appeared in my life;

I just know that it would undoubtedly restore it all and allow everything to continue."[3]


"Why don't you tell us about the stories you have read? Perhaps it would cheer everybody up."

The following section of this page contains theories and lore that has been pieced together by players and may contain unconfirmed information. If you add to this section, please only add theories supported by in-game evidence, and link to the source where such information was obtained or the original theorizer using references.

Conclusion from Deductions

Luca was initially a nobleman until his father spent his and his wife's entire fortune on failed investments. This caused Luca's mother to "die of anger" while Luca couldn't forgive his father (for using up all their money on failed investments and possibly for causing his mother's death) and ran away from home. He eventually encountered Alva at an expo and, in exchange for giving Alva one of his family's manuscripts, became his student. Luca became focused on a certain invention while he was with Alva.

After many failed experiments in his laboratory, Alva claimed some of his manuscripts had gone missing, and he reported it as a theft to the police. It was believed that the stolen manuscripts ended up in a competitor's hands, and Alva blamed Luca as a traitor who had sold them, while Luca called Alva a thief who stole ideas from others as he had run out of his own. Soon after, Luca continued his own experiments. During one of Luca's experiments, a situation broke out between Alva and Luca (in Luca's trailer, Alva looks like he was attacking Luca) and an accident occurs, killing Alva and leaving Luca with amnesia. Luca was blamed for the accident and sent to prison.

Further Conclusions

Left in prison with only an obsession to finish his greatest invention that he hardly remembered, he was acquitted from execution under mysterious circumstances. Additionally, he was released from prison by an unknown benefactor and was sent an invitation letter to the Oletus Manor.

Appearance Decoration


Card Name Description Obtained by Cost
The Viper (Initial Release) It's time we call the quits, be it this journey or the chill that's been harassing me my entire life. My guide would do anything to get me out of here, yet "she" forced me to make a choice - perform my pledge or remedy my destiny. Season 10 Essence 2 N/A
Card Name Description Obtained by Cost
Electrolysis He made use of the delicate relationship between science and alchemy to complete the performance of "turning stone into gold", yet he has no idea that the real Philosopher's Stone is nothing but a glorified lie. Season 13 Essence 1
Memory Spheres
L L's Costume Death Note Crossover Essence (Global Exclusive) N/A
Ray Ray's Costume The Promised Neverland Crossover Essence N/A
Card Name Description Obtained by Cost
"Hermit Crab" When your body is destroyed, only a part of you is lost; when your spirit is broken, all of you is lost. Season 17 Essence 3 N/A
Boidae Perhaps all shadows love darkness; that's why I like sunset more than sunrise. I've seen the sixth sunset in this forest today. I hope that we... at least I... still have the chance to see the seventh. Illusion Hall 318 Echoes/1188 Fragments
Month bound The person who chased the god-moon eventually became the slave of the moon, and he had long forgotten why he came here. (obtained from the first time through the 2021 "Memorial to The Moon" event) 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival N/A
Racing Mechanic The Energy Corporation has taken resources from the snowy ruins and has infiltrated into each of the logistics departments. Yet he's one of the few exceptions. Abyss Treasure (COA IV) N/A
Mercè The crowd takes to the street for the festivities, laughing and enjoying themselves. Guild Store 1000 Guild Tokens
Silver Shell Icon.png
Silver Shell Small, silver shellfish live beneath the gravel bed of the shallow sea. Unless prying their shell open, none would expect to find bright, red flesh hidden within. Season 16 Essence 3
Memory Spheres - Previous Seasons
Card Name Description Obtained by Cost
Luca Original.png
Original The original costume. Everything looks so natural. Already Equipped N/A
Luca WornClothes Card.png
Worn Clothes All the clothes are super tattered. Was it only a game they have been through? Final deduction quest reward N/A
Gray Coating If you're lucky, touching it with your bare hands it will make you itch all over. If not, you might die. Season 14 Logic Path Block 250 N/A
Moldy Bread Is moldy bread edible? That's not a question for the people in prison. Memory Spheres N/A
Yellow Wall In my days of imprisonment, all I do was stare at the walls. Abyss Treasure (COA IV) N/A


Non-exclusive accessories that can be worn by any survivor can be found here. The following only contains exclusive accessories.
Icon Name Description Obtained by Cost
Icon Name Description Obtained by Cost
Art of Science Destiny is an irreversible formula, and no exceptional science can determine its value. Illusion Hall 788 Echoes/2988 Fragments
Icon Name Description Obtained by Cost
Handcuffs Handcuffs that connect Light Yagami and L. Death Note Crossover Essence (Global Exclusive) N/A
L's Mic The microphone used when L declared war on Kira. Death Note Crossover Essence (Global Exclusive) N/A
Ray's Book A book which Ray often reads The Promised Neverland Crossover Essence N/A


Pets for survivors are non-exclusive and can be used by any character. A full list of Pets can be found here.



Basic graffiti that can be used by any character can be found here. The following only contains exclusive graffiti.
C-Tier (Stone)
Icon Name Description Obtained by Cost
"Prisoner" - Astronomical Observation Prisoner's Meteor-themed Dynamic Graffiti Meteor Shower Event N/A
"Prisoner" - Ray Graffiti Ray's Graffiti The Promised Neverland Crossover Essence N/A


A list of Emotes that almost every survivor can use can be found here. The following only contains exclusive or rare Emotes.
B-Tier (Golden Blueprint)
Icon Name Description Obtained by Cost
Dance Dance Emote, exclusive to "Prisoner" Unreleased N/A
C-Tier (Blue Blueprint)
Icon Name Description Obtained by Cost
Shout Shout Emote, exclusive to "Prisoner" The Promised Neverland Crossover N/A
Cheer Cheer Motion, exclusive to "Prisoner" Reaching Level 134 N/A

Standby Motions

Standby Motions that almost every survivor can use can be found here. The following only contains exclusive or rare Standby Motions, which "Prisoner" currently does not have.


  • His profile from the Anniversary Tales Collection Booklet, obtained from the Second Anniversary Event:
    • He lost everything when he immersed himself in Rashomon. Is all this really worth it?. [The "Prisoner" entered the Manor on March 26, 2020.]
  • He was added to the game during Season 10, on March 25, 2020.
  • Luca is currently the only survivor in which only one eye follows the blinking animation, instead of both or none, with the blackened eye remaining open forever.
    • Curiously, in pre-release footage showcasing his abilities and design, both eyes are seen blinking.
  • It is possible that he was based on or is at least partially referencing Nikola Tesla, an inventor with heavy contributions to progression in utilizing electricity.
    • Alva is the name of the inventor Luca was apprenticed under, as well as the middle name of Thomas Edison. Tesla worked under Edison for a short time before the two became rivals.
  • Luca may be ambidextrous. He is shown in official media for the series, as well as in personal animations in the game itself, constantly switching which hand he uses as his dominant hand for tasks.
    • This may also be a reference to Nikola Tesla: he was also ambidextrous.
  • Luca's birthday is on July 10th.
    • This is another similarity that Luca shares with Tesla, who was born on the same day in 1856.
  • Luca has an interest in piano and writing. He likes books, music and scientific experiments.


  • Deduction Star 2020 quotes:
    • "I may be in a prison uniform, but I'm not imprisoned."
    • "It's no easy task connecting the circuits, but it's what I do best!"
    • "When will I create my great invention?"
  • Deduction Star 2021 quotes:
    • "It's ironic. I should thank my teacher for instilling me with these principles."
    • "There's no fairness in this world, only wins and losses."
    • "Life is too short and regrets are more terrifying than failures. That's why I'd rather give it a try."




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