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The arms factory that was abandoned after a huge fire. Strange footsteps can be heard coming inside it at night.

The Arms Factory is a map avaliable in Identity V. It is a replica of Hell Ember's former factory after a huge fire.


The Manor's owner created a replica of Leo Beck's burned factory, which was recognized by Gardener and the Lawyer.

Notable Places


The factory is the largest building on the map, taking up a large chunk fo land on the map. It has twoo entrances, and three vaultable windows. This is one of the best places for survivors to kite hunters, and the worst for hunters.

Main House

A small worn out shack is near the center of the map on the eastern side. It is similar to many small buildings on the game maps, with 2 entrances, 1 pallet, and 1 vaultable window.

Ruined Walls

There are three sections of ruined walls on the map, the largest being along the south west corner. The other two ruined walls are in the north east corner and north west corner, both by the exit gates. A few other ruined walls can be found near the factory, most notably a place with three walls, three pallets, and usually a cipher near the center of the map.

Shipping Containers

Five large yellow shipping containers can be found in a few places on the map. There is two found by each of the exit gates, with a pallet against it. There are two more next to each other and the largest section of ruined walls. One more is found behind the small house.

Exit Gates

There are two exit gates in the North and the South part of the map.

Basement Locations

  1. In the Factory
  2. In the small house

Dungeon Locations

The dungeon can spawn in three locations in this map:

  • In the center of the map, next to the central cipher machine.
  • Close to the back corner of the factory, in between ruined walls.
  • Next to the ruined walls near the small house and wood pile.



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