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Bloodbath is a limited S-Tier costume for the Bloody Queen, Mary. It was introduced during Season 7 Essence 2 and gave Mary for free with the skin.



Mary's skin color, contrasting the pale blue seen in her default skin, is now a light peach. She can be seen to have two, small red teardrops beneath her left eye and striking red lipstick. Her hair remains short, though is neatly pulled back and light brown in hue. The large curls typically seen on the ends of her hair are now no longer visible, and the large strand of hair which usually hangs in front of her face is notably smaller.


Mary dons an ivory and cream-colored gown; the hems of the the upper-layers of both her skirt and sleeves are embroidered with ornate gilded leaf motifs, which can also be seen along the gown’s corset-style waist. Small red and purple flowers sit among the embroidery on the edges of her skirt. The dress has elegant flounce sleeves and an open-front skirt paired with a short silver hooped cage under which Mary wears a pair of white, ruffled bloomers. The frock is also embellished with large, red-gold roses which sit on either side of her shoulders.

On her arms, Mary wears ivory-colored, silk evening gloves which match both her petticoat and the ruffles of her sleeves. Mary also sports a pair of white, lace thigh high stockings and a pair of bronze-colored pumps which are adorned with a simple bow of the same color.

On her left hand, Mary wears an elegant ruby ring. Around her neck, she dons an elaborate necklace made up of red rubies, designed to resemble blood dripping from her neck. Mary wears an extravagant golden tiara atop her head designed to look like flowering vines amongst red, ruby flowers. Mary also wears large, dangling earrings which resemble vines and complement her tiara.


Mary's weapon, previously a glass shard, is now a long and ornate silver butter knife. Mary's aqua mirror is also now oval-shaped, surrounded with flowering vines and chirping birds

Special Effects

The costume emits small, golden particles that are shaped like butterflies.


  • Bloodbath is made to show what Mary originally looked like before she died and later became a hunter.
    • However, despite Mary having short hair in this skin, it was originally longer, only becoming shorter in length the day before she was to be executed.
  • The skin, along with Madame Bella, is currently the only skin in which Mary has visible shoes and legs without interaction, as well as being the only skin in which Mary wears gloves.
  • The dress in the skin was designed after traditional royal gowns worn in France during the 1700's.
  • In the official promo video for Bloodbath on YouTube, the title of the skin says "Blood Bath". However, the official Facebook promo image says "Blood Feast', the English translation of Bloodbath's Chinese name, instead.
  • Due to the overuse of the term "blood" in costume names, Blood Feast (Bloodbath in Chinese) was renamed to Crimson Feast on the Chinese Server.