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Candy Girl is a limited A-Tier costume for the Mechanic, Tracy Reznik. It was introduced as part of the Season 11 Logic Path on block 1528.



Tracy's hairstyle is the same as the one used in her Test Skin, but her hair is recolored to a bright pinkish-orange. Her blue button eyes are cross-stitched with white thread, and her skin tone is brighter than original. A candy is painted below her left eye, on her cheek, and her left hand is covered in chocolate.


Tracy dons a yellow dress, embroidered with varied candy patterns, and coated with white frills. Her sleeves are lacy and a chocolate-colored ribbon, as well as three cookie buttons, are fixed above her throat atop her frilled ivory bodice. A white sash is tied around her waist. She wears matching lace stockings with chocolate- and cream-coated cookie slippers. A candy-covered headband with cat-ear-shaped cookies attached adorns her head, covered by caramel-drizzled chocolate-framed goggles.


Tracy's controller is changed to a cat-shaped biscuit. It is also splattered in chocolate, cream, and sprinkles, and the antenna is replaced with a blue candy cane topped with a ribbon. Two blue candies sit atop the controller serving as the cat's eyes.

Special Effects

Candy Girl emits multi colored candy-shaped particles when equipped.




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