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Sick and tired of being grounded and doing the same old thing day and day, Martha wants to pilot her own plane. Perhaps by winning this game she will be able to fulfill her wish.

Martha Behamfil, also known as the Coordinator, is a Rescue-Type and Difficulty 1 Survivor available for purchase after completion of the prologue. She is one of 37 playable Survivors added to Identity V.


Martha has a slim build with fair skin. Her hair is light brown, curly, and held in a ponytail. Her eyes are dark brown and her lips are pale brown.

She wears a brown 1950s female military uniform. This includes a brown jacket and buttoned skirt, a dark brown belt and beret, a white shirt underneath the jacket, a red tie, and dark brown boots. She also dons pale brown gloves and pale brown tights. Fluff comes out of her right bicep and right shin.


The Coordinator is a rescue-oriented character, with a decoding debuff whenever a teammate is on a chair. She is faster at vaulting, and can last longer on a Rocket Chair. Additionally, she will start every match with 1 Flare Gun.

External Traits

Character Statistics

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  • Running Speed: 3.8 m/s
  • Walking Speed: 2.11 m/s
  • Crouch Walking Speed: 1.14 m/s
  • Crawling Speed: 0.32 m/s


  • Duration of decoding Cipher Machines: 115.71 sec
  • Regressed decoding progress from electric shock: 1.0%
  • Duration of inability to decode from electric shock: 2.0 sec
  • Time spent opening Exit Gate: 18.0 sec


  • Time spent dropping pallets: 0.66 sec
  • Time spent vaulting over pallets at high speed: 1.06 sec
  • Time spent vaulting over pallets at medium speed: 1.48 sec
  • Time spent vaulting over pallets at low speed: 1.88 sec
  • Time spent vaulting over windows at high speed: 0.79 sec
  • Time spent vaulting over windows at low speed: 1.15 sec
  • Time spent going through chests: 10.0 sec


  • Time spent healing injured Survivors: 15.0 sec
  • Time spent being healed by others: 15.0 sec
  • Self-healing time after knockdown: 30.0 sec


  • Duration of footprint: 4.0 sec
  • Duration of speed boost after being hit: 2.0 sec
  • Duration of struggle while being held up: 16.0 sec
  • Rocket Chair countdown time: 66.67 sec
  • Time spent being rescued from Rocket Chairs: 1.0 sec


  • Her profile from the Anniversary Tales Collection Booklet, obtained from the Second Anniversary Event:
    • Whoever messes with Martha must get past her flare gun first. [The Coordinator entered the Manor on July 11, 2018.]
  • She shares her first name with Leo Beck's wife (Martha Remington), but this is simply a coincidence, considering how common the name was.
  • She is the first "top-up" gift, meaning that she is included after recharging any amount off Echoes for the first time.
  • She cannot be served alcoholic drinks by Demi Bourbon as she is under the age of 21, however this may be due to her job.
  • She's currently the only female survivor who's a rescuer.
  • According to the Official Identity V Museum she is 168 cm tall (5'6)
  • Her previous identity name's is named after Mata Hari a Dutch exotic dancer and courtesan who was convicted of being a spy for Germany during World War I.


  1. In her 2022 Birthday Letter, her true name is unknown and is listed as ???
  2. While this is the name listed for the Coordinator in the Notebook, it is implied to not be her true name.
  3. In her 2021 Birthday Letter, there is a torn identification document with the name Margaretha Hari that was a previous identity used by the Coordinator.
  4. Age from the official Art Reference Book

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