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Edgar has long been weary of the gossips and hypocrisy. The only thing in this world that is worthy of his pursuit is the true essence of art and creative inspiration.

Edgar Valden, also known as the Painter, is a survivor available for purchase after completion of the prologue. He will be one of the playable survivors of Identity V. He was officially released along with Season 13 Essence 1 on September 30th, 2020. Edgar is available for purchase after completion of the prologue.


Edgar Valden is a young man with a petite build and peach-toned skin. His light brown hair is styled with short bangs across his forehead and longer ones in front of his ears. In the back, he has a short ponytail, in a style typical to European aristocracy. He has a pair of light blue eyes with a single stitch on each side, representing eyelashes.

He wears a tattered and paint-stained red cloak with a bow and a matching beret. His shirt is white, with paint stains on the cuffs, and a tear on his right shoulder and left elbow. He wears cuffed grey trousers held up by light brown suspenders, and a pair of mismatched brown boots. Both boots lace up the front and are tied with a bow, but the right boot reaches his knee while his left one only reaches mid-calf. Under the shorter boot, he wears a tall white sock.


The only son in the Valden family of aristocrats, Edgar showed an interest and high talent in painting from childhood. Praise from his family and the public has led to his eccentric character. He only sees art from his own perspective and has a high self-esteem. His perception of the world around him led to his belief that nobody else is worthy to speak to him about art.

He did not participate in the game for the prize. As the heir to the Valden family, money did not tempt him. So what made him participate in this game?

Character Trailer

Translated from original Chinese

All that is beautiful in this world; once upon a time, that was the inspiration for my paintings. But slowly, they stopped looking so lovable to me. The plebeians, you see, they do not revere art; because they will never grasp it. Hypocritical and double-faced, avaricious and insatiable, obstreperous and useless. None amongst you can speak with me on the true essence of art.

And, when this place can bring me pleasure no more, I can only hope that that paradise; Oletus Manor, will bring me yet unknown inspiration.


External Traits

Official Localization

Artistic Sensitivity = He carries a paintbrush and a drawing board with him. Once he has memorized a Hunter's face, the Painter can paint the Hunter's face on the drawing board.

When the painting is done, he can place the drawing board in the scene. When the Hunter sees the placed drawing board, they will be attracted by it, walk over involuntarily and stop to admire their face in front of it.

If the Hunter takes too much time walking over to the drawing board, they will lose interest in the painting which renders the drawing board useless.

Memories: Within a certain range of a Hunter, the Painter needs to look at the Hunter's face from the front to memorize it.

Painting: Once he has memorized the Hunter's face, tap the ability button to begin painting. The Painter can move while painting but cannot interact. Tap the ability button again to stop painting.

Placing the drawing: When the painting is done, tap the ability button to place the drawing board. The Hunter will be forcibly attracted when they get close to the drawing board. No additional drawing boards can be placed within the effective range of the placed drawing board.

Aesthetic Resonance = During the creation of a painting, the Painter will be affected by his own work. Every time he places a painting, his movement speed will increase permanently by 2%. This effect can be stacked up to 3 times.

Intuition = The Painter is perceptive and observant to real-life objects and so he will not be affected by a Rocket Chair with 50% progress. When he is put on a Rocket Chair for the second time, the progress will return to what it was the last time he was saved.

Self Fulfillment = When the painting's effect wears off, the Hunter will be extremely interested in its painter. The Painter will expose his location to the Hunter for 5 seconds.

Direct translation from the Chinese Weibo post' (press "expand" to view)

Artistic Sensitivity = The Painter carries a paintbrush and drawing board with him. After memorizing the appearance of the Hunter, the painter can draw a portrait of the Hunter on the drawing board. After the drawing is completed, the drawing board can be placed in the arena.

When standing close to the drawing board, the Hunter will be attracted by the painting. The Hunter will walk towards the drawing board uncontrollably, and stop to admire their appearance on the drawing board. After admiring the drawing board for a long time, the Hunter will lose interest in the painting, causing the painting to fail.

Memory: When the Hunter is within a certain range, the Painter can remember their appearance by looking at them from the front.

Drawing: After the memory is completed, click the skill button to draw. In the drawing state, the painter can move, but no interaction is allowed. Click the skill button again to end the drawing state.

Place the drawing board: After drawing, click the skill button to place the drawing board in front. When the Hunter walks near the drawing board, he will be forced to go to it.

Aesthetic Resonance = Painters are inspired by their paintings. Each time you set up an easel with a picture, the movement speed increases by 2%. The effect can be stacked 3 times (+ 6% in total).

Emotional Intuition = The Painter focuses on the sensations behind real objects. Therefore, he is not afraid of progress when sitting on a rocket chair. When a Painter is put on a rocket chair for the second time, the progress in sitting on the chair continues from the moment he was last placed.

My Place = When the effect of attraction to the picture disappears from the Hunter, the Hunter shows great interest in its author, and the Painter reveals his location to the Hunter within 5 seconds.


  • Whenever incapacitated, you should always have a painting near you. It buys you time to heal yourself, or perhaps crawl away. Remember you only have 4-6 seconds. (Flora)
  • This character’s paintings don’t work in the Photo World or with Dream Witch’s Followers. Don’t use him against them. (Flora)

Deduction Targets

Deduction Targets are currently unavailable for this character.

Appearance Decoration


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  • Edgar was created during Netease's 2018 fan-made character competition, along with Postman and Embalmer.
    • He was released on the test server September 21, 2020.
    • He was released for purchase on October 8, 2020.
  • Occasionally translated by fans as "Artist", the official English Identity V Twitter announced him with the title of "Painter".
  • The Season 13 patch notes spelled his surname as "Walden", but his character profile in-game spells it "Valden".
  • His birthday is April 23rd.
  • He is 21 years old.
  • His personality is described as being arrogant, paranoid, and neurotic.
  • He likes people or things with artistic beauty, and dislikes useless and noisy people or things.
  • His voice was envisioned by the creator as being an arrogant, crisp, clear young male voice, with a moderate speaking speed.
    • After Edgar's voice files were released, Netease received backlash from the Weibo community for not following the original creator's notes.
    • From Edgar's character trailer to the Season 13 Essence 1 story trailer, Edgar's voice becomes noticably lower, sounding more like an adult, perhaps in response to criticism from the Chinese fanbase.
  • If he still has at least one painting left, Edgar has a unique stance during matches. He will use the default one all male Survivors use once he sets down all three paintings.

Original Creator's Notes

Press "Expand" to see direct translations from the original Chinese creator.

Translated from original Chinese post

“Actually, this post has hints, but it may not be obvious. Edgar had been stuck in an art block for a long time and shut himself in his room. At this time, the manor's letter suggested that he used human blood as paint. After trying, Edgar became addicted to it and couldn't help himself, but he eventually could no longer be satisfied with his own blood. So he agreed to the manor’s invitation to participate in the game, and wanted to use this as an opportunity to complete his ‘most perfect work.’ ” [1]

Original Concept External Traits

  1. Sketching = The artist carries a paintbrush with him. It can be the center of the circle to observe objects within a certain range, and the painter can choose to disguise his teammates or himself as the corresponding objects within this range. The player disguised as an object can move or release the disguise by themself, but no interaction is allowed and the damage taken from Hunters remains unchanged.
  1. Defiant = The painter's bad personality arouses the disgust of his teammates, and the speed of receiving help from his teammates slows by 30%.
  1. Emaciated = Lack of exercise and poor physical strength results in a 20% reduction in the speed of interaction between panels and windows, but his light body grants 30% reduction in the time footprints take to vanish.



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