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Life's journey always ends in a similar way, and, in most people's dreams Aesop Carl is the person who helps them with their final journey. He strictly adheres to procedure and gives the greatest respect for those travellers who have come to their final stop.

Aesop Carl, also known as the Embalmer, is a survivor available for purchase after completion of the prologue. He is one of the 28 playable survivors added to Identity V.


Aesop has a slim build with a peach skin tone. He has dark grey hair that is combed to the left and tied into a rat-tail. He also has grey eyes. He dons a pair of black grey pants and a matching grey closed jacket. He also wears black shoes, white medical gloves, and a medical mask that covers his mouth. He carries a black and silver makeup box.


The end of the journey of life is always the same, and Aesop Carl is the ultimate destination for most people's dreams. He strictly follows each step of the procedure and gives the greatest respect to those who arrive at the terminal. So when he found the letter in a beautiful traveller, Aesop decided to complete his last wish for his unfortunate mother.


External Traits

  • Embalm: He carries his makeup box everywhere. Opening it will summon a coffin with a surrogate in it, and immediately provide the Rebirth ability. When placed on the Rocket Chair, the player can be resurrected in that coffin using a surrogate and also receive the Tide Turner effect for 15 seconds. Every time a teammate rescues the player from a Rocket Chair, the number coffin summons for the Embalmer will increase, but an Embalmer can only summon and use one coffin at a time.
  • Artist: The Embalmer can record and copy the appearance of other survivors on to surrogates. The survivor whose appearance was copied will receive the Rebirth ability. Once the Embalmer finishes copying their appearance, he will lose his own Rebirth.
  • Unconcerned: The time that the Embalmer can persist for when wrapped up in a cocoon or placed on a Rocket Chair is increased by 10%. The Embalmer cannot embalm survivors who have lost mobility, who have been placed on a Rocket Chair several times or who have been placed on a Rocket Chair for a long time.
  • Anxious: Extremely sensitive to the presence of others. He is able to detect the presence of all survivors at the beginning of the game for 15 seconds. While deciphering with other survivors, his own deciphering speed is decreased by 15%.

Deduction Targets

All completed Objectives reward the player with +335 Logic points for the Logic Path.

Please press "Expand" to see the deduction path.

Deduction Conclusion
Apprentice - The day my mother embraced Death, I decided to be his apprentice.
  • Basic Objective: Record the appearance of other Survivors 1 time
  • Advance Objective 1: Record the appearance of other Survivors 2 times
  • Advance Objective 2: Record the appearance of other Survivors 3 times
A photo: An elderly embalmer led Carl out of the cemetery by the hand while Carl looked back at the gravestone behind him.
Maybe, I... - I think what he really needs a doctor...
  • Basic Objective: Successfully heal 1 teammates
  • Advance Objective 1: Successfully heal 2 teammates
  • Advance Objective 2: Successfully heal 2 teammates
A school withdrawal letter: Aesop may have autism, or some other problems. Either way, I'm very sorry, Sir. We regret to inform you that he is unable to study here.
Steps - Calm, accurate, decisive.
  • Basic Objective: Complete 3 perfect calibrations
  • Advance Objective 1: Complete 4 perfect calibrations
  • Advance Objective 2: Complete 5 perfect calibrations
A step-by-step guide: Try to convince them, and if that still doesn't work, go ahead and inject them with some bromide hydrate...
Bouquet of Death - Bright colors also occasionally appear at the gray cemetery. Sometimes it's from the flowers, other times it's from blood.
  • Basic Objective: Escape from the Hunter 1 time
  • Advance Objective 1: Escape from the Hunter 2 times
  • Advance Objective 2: Escape from the Hunter 2 times
A letter: Dear Aesop, it has been a while since we last talked. In the afternoon, I will wait for you in the yellow rose garden in the eastern corner of the cemetery. I look forward to seeing you.
Be Brave - Those wanderers... are too timid.
  • Basic Objective: Solo decode 1 cipher machine
  • Advance Objective 1: Solo decode 2 cipher machines
  • Advance Objective 2: Solo decode 3 cipher machines
A report of death: Time and cause of death is unknown. The only what we can be clear about is the administrator's signature. So, be brave and say goodbye to the world.
After the bloom - The stairway of Death is not suitable for growing plant.
  • Basic Objective: Open the exit gate 1 time
  • Advance Objective 1: Open the exit gate 1 time
  • Advance Objective 2: Open the exit gate 1 time
"My child, she was meant to die, and as for me, I was just there to help. Look, yellow rose bushes. It's a fitting place for her long sleep."
Suspension Period - He is ready to leave...
  • Basic Objective: Summon a Coffin 1 time
  • Advance Objective 1: Summon a Coffin 1 time
  • Advance Objective 2: Summon a Coffin 1 time
A diary entry: He got an invitation. I didn't read it, but the fern's wax made me think he wasn't coming back.
The Last Lesson - The topic is more complicated than I thought.
  • Basic Objective: Stun a Hunter with a pallet 1 time
  • Advance Objective 1: Stun a Hunter with a pallet 2 times
  • Advance Objective 2: Stun a Hunter with a pallet 3 times
A report: Jerry Carl has suffered multiple injuries, including a comminuted fracture from a fall, massive bleeding from a sharp object, and extensive tissue contusions.
Messenger - I believe it's for me, and she's just the messenger.
  • Basic Objective: You are resurrected from the Coffin 1 time
  • Advance Objective 1: You are resurrected from the Coffin 1 time
  • Advance Objective 2: You are resurrected from the Coffin 1 time
A list of items: A few items and an invitation letter. Fern wax from Oletus Manor.
Graduation - His face was solemn and serene in the coffin. I believe he will be satisfied with my answer.
  • Basic Objective: Embalm teammate 1 time
  • Advance Objective 1: Embalm teammates 2 times
  • Advance Objective 2: Embalm teammates 2 times
A diary: I can feel waves of bromide flowing through his veins. I know I will become him, and he will become what he himself would despise.
Keep an Appointment - I can't refuse the invitation. There are too many lost people out there.
  • Basic Objective: Teammates are resurrected from the Coffin 1 time
  • Advance Objective 1: Teammates are resurrected from the Coffin 1 time
  • Advance Objective 2: Teammates are resurrected from the Coffin 1 time
A diary entry: I can finally understand the joy he experiences every time he guides lost people from darkness. I also understand why he was eager to keep his appointment.

After deducing Node 11: Keep an Appointment, Embalmer's Worn Clothes costume will be unlocked.

Full Deduction Conclusion

After the death of his mother, Aesop was taken in by the embalmer, Jerry Carl, and took on the surname "Carl" from him. Though Jerry Carl tried to enroll Aesop in a school, Aesop was rejected due to having Autism, 'or some other problems' which the school used as a reason to expell him. As such, Jerry Carl began to teach Aesop embalming as an apprentice.

As it turned out, Jerry Carl was a serial killer who used his career as an embalmer for his killing. He would manipulate his victims and convince them that death was better than life, and if they did not end their own lives than he would inject them with bromide hydrate (a highly toxic body preserver). Over time he also taught these tactics to Aesop, and convinced him that this was the right thing to do. Though Aesop assisted his teacher in the serial killing, when he found out Jerry had also killed his mother he was upset. Jerry comforted Aesop by saying she was meant to die. 

Later, Jerry Carl received an invitation to the manor. He returned from it alive, although with severe injuries (implying he escaped or won the game at the cost of his physical health). Seeing Jerry become the kind of person who was "meant to die," Aesop used Jerry's own manipulation tactics, as well as eventually the poisonous bromide on his teacher. And so, he became what his teacher once was, and found joy in it.

Later, an unknown girl was embalmed by Aesop and he also found an invitation letter, which he believed was for him.

Appearance Decoration




Basic Accessories

Special Accessories


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Mini Hunters



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Standby Motion


  • The Embalmer was one of the winners of the 2018 character contest, along with Postman and Painter.
  • Aesop's birthday is on May 11th. He is 21 years old.[1]
    • After completing his birthday event of 2020, players would receive a letter. From his letter, it is confirmed that his real first name is Aesop. His surname possibly starts with an R, as the initials at the end of the letter spells ‘Y. R.’
    • Aesop likes dead people and dislikes living people.
  • His favourite flowers are yellow roses. These are the flowers surrounding his mother's grave.
  • During the Voting Stage of the Deduction Star 2020 event, Aesop had some unique quotes when he was voted for. These are: "Don't pay attention to me and leave me alone.", "The end of a journey deserves the utmost respect.", and "I'm not keen on such a lively gathering." Aesop won the Deduction Star event of 2020.
  • In development his name was originally intended to be 'Aesop Nigel' but was later changed to 'Aesop Carl'
  • (The following was written by the original creator of his design, it is unknown how much of this is canon as his deduction targets seem to contradict it):

" On August 7, 1888, I ushered in a female body, she was stabbed 39 times in the face with a knife. She was unrecognizable. I opened my suitcase. This is the tool I rely on to survive. I can make the dead return to life. I worked hard to fix her face. She might have been a beautiful and wealthy woman during her lifetime. I groped for her pocket, and found an invitation and another letter. The letter seemed to be for her daughter and contained a photo. Probably, following this invitation, she could find her daughter. I don't know why, but I decided to accept the invitation as my own. I should return this letter to her daughter at the manor."




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