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Event Records saves collected clues obtained from the main story.

  • This is different from game Events.

Commission Letter

A lengthy commission letter, a blurred photo, and very few clues. If he didn't know my former alias and of the appreciable commission, well, how would a private detective, frustrated as I am, trifle about orders?

Scattered Diary Pages

A random diary page. The text on the front is smudged. It describes a strange "game" that was once put on in the manor, but the details are few—Who hosted this game? What did he want? Whom had he invited? And where have they gone?

There is Ash and Burn Marks on the page. What's described here could be related to the missing mistress. I need to follow this clue.

Closet Diary

In this closet packed full of diaries, this one describes the experience of one game participant. The writer was on the verge of collapse, so the information that he wrote is confusing.

One of the records about someone named 'Leo Beck' is quite odd.

Why would they let these participants leave accounts?—Perhaps the disappearance is merely a ruse, under which lurks a darker plot.


The Mirror of Venus — Edward Burne-Jones

I noticed this painting when the work first came out. Unlike the public who reads the work as the painter's tribute to Venus and the maids, I prefer to interpret the ten goddesses in the painting as Mnemosyne Sharing the Spring of Memory with Her Nine Muse Daughters.

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