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Bane was once a warmhearted gamekeeper who always left off those poachers softly. However, his forgiveness never paid off. So now Bane never shows any mercy to those who enter his "territory."

Bane Perez, also known as Gamekeeper, is a Hunter available in Identity V. He is one of 18 playable hunters added to Identity V.


Bane has a large bulky body, but with an Elk head with large antlers. He has a beartrap around his neck and wields a chained hook. On his back is a large fur cape. While walking, he has a limp.


Bane was once a warmhearted forest watcher, and always let poachers off easy. But his kindness wasn't repaid, and he was attacked by those he treated well. The poachers locked up Bane with a steel-jaw leghold trap, and began a massacre in the forest. After the poachers left with their stolen goods, the dogs dragged Bane back to the manor, where Bane somehow recovered. Since that day, Bane shows no mercy to anyone who sets foot on his land.


External Traits

Suffocation: Hitting different targets with Bane's Chain Hook will trigger different effects.

  • When Bane is dragged forwards by his Chain Hook and lands, it will generate shockwaves that decrease Movement Speed of Survivors within a certain range by 20% for 5 seconds. Getting hit by the shockwaves again during this period will further slow down Survivors.
  • When hit by the Chain Hook, Survivors will be marked by the scent of rotting leaves and their location will be periodically exposed 2 times within 60 seconds, and Bane's attack recovery rate will be increased when he hits the exposed Survivors.


  1. Chain Hook: Bane hook survivors and pull them to him or hooks a wall and pulls himself towards the wall. Long press to aim more precisely ― "You're going nowhere!".
  2. Thorny Chain Hook: Survivors' Manifestation of Horror are the thorns on the Chain Hook, when Bane's Chain Hook hits a Survivor, it will deal 50% of normal attack damage.
  3. Fury Hook: Furious Bane won't let an intruder escape his Chain Hook. If the Chain Hook hits an object, Bane can cast the Chain Hook again within 7 seconds up to 2 times, until the Chain Hooks hits a Survivor or misses. ― "You're going nowhere!".

Deduction Targets

All completed objectives reward the player with +335 Logic points for the Logic Path.

Please press "Expand" to see the deduction path.

Deduction Conclusion
Guard Duty: Entry into this forest is forbidden.
  1. Basic Objective: Pursue Survivors 3 times
  2. Advanced Objective: Pursue Survivors 4 times
  3. Advanced Objective: Pursue Survivors 6 times
Only the landowner can hunt on the land. That's why you need a gamekeeper.
Remove Obstacles: Someone has blocked the road with pallets. What are they trying to do?
  1. Basic Objective: Destroy 1 pallet
  2. Advanced Objective: Destroy 3 pallets
  3. Advanced Objective: Destroy 5 pallets
This is still a peaceful forest, despite these unsightly pallets. They'll get caught in the antlers.
Inversion: The forest ranger's duty is to drive out intruders.
  1. Basic Objective: Terror Shock Survivors 1 time
  2. Advanced Objective: Terror Shock Survivors 2 times
These tourists were acting like they couldn't read the signs, perhaps we should make them more noticeable.
Capture: Somebody has to be responsible for this repeated, reckless behavior.
  1. Basic Objective: Hit a survivor with the chain hook 1 time
  2. Advanced Objective: Hit a survivor with the chain hook 3 times
  3. Advanced Objective: Hit a survivor with the chain hook 5 times
A photo: a strong forest ranger is holding a boy by the collar.
Mercy: It would be better to escort those who stray into the forest off the grounds than to send them to jail.
  1. Basic Objective: Place Survivors on the Rocket Chair 2 times.
  2. Advanced Objective: Place Survivors on the Rocket Chair 3 times.
  3. Advanced Objective: Place Survivors on the Rocket Chair 4 times.
Mother once said, kindness grants the soul peace. She was wrong.
Minotaur's Forest: You shouldn't let them come and go as they please. This isn't a park.
  1. Basic Objective: Eliminate 1 Survivor with a Rocket Chair
  2. Advanced Objective: Eliminate 2 Survivors with a Rocket Chair
  3. Advanced Objective: Eliminate 3 Survivors with a Rocket Chair
A photo: A few poachers are pushing the gamekeeper's face towards a bear trap while a young man holds the elk head.
Hunt: Hunters and prey, guards an intruders. What's the difference...
  1. Basic Objective: Wound Survivors 3 times
  2. Advanced Objective: Wound Survivors 5 times
  3. Advanced Objective: Wound Survivors 7 times
A good gamekeeper should know how to catch intruders. In this regard, we're similar to hunters.
Assault: You need to figure out how to deal with crafty people.
  1. Basic Objective: Hit a Survivor after you use Blink 1 time.
  2. Advanced Objective: Hit a Survivor after you use Blink 2 times
  3. Advanced Objective: Hit a Survivor after you use Blink 3 times
Obviously, it is best to hit them where they least expect it.
Repair: The forest ranger's duty is to drive out intruders.
  1. Basic Objective: Survivors are hooked by the Chain Hook and hit 1 time
  2. Advanced Objective: Survivors are hooked by the Chain Hook and hit 2 times
  3. Advanced Objective: Survivors are hooked by the Chain Hook and hit 3 times
A journal entry: the human mind is one of the most difficult things to repair.
Fair Shake: They should be sent away, all of them!
  1. Basic Objective: Eliminate all Survivors
  2. Advanced Objective: Eliminate all Survivors
A photo: a forest ranger wearing an elk head. He's watching poachers fleeing the forest.

After deducing Objective 10: Fair Shake, Gamekeeper's Worn Clothes costume will be unlocked.

Full Deduction

Bane Perez was a ranger and gamekeeper for the forest of a private estate. However, poachers and tourists commonly trespassed on the land. A kind man, Bane was fairly tolerant, and merely removed trespassers from the property without violence. Unfortunately, the poachers took advantage of his kindness and continued hunting in the forest. In a moment of cruelty, they beheaded the elk Bane had raised since a baby, and shoved Bane's face into a bear-trap, severly injuring him. This changes Bane, and the hunters become the hunted as he dons the head of his elk and remorselessly chases them from the forest.

Appearance Decoration




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Special Accessories

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Standby Motion


  • Bane is one of the few hunters with a known surname, along with Burke Lapadura, Joseph Desaulniers and Leo Beck.
  • During the Voting Stage of the Deduction Star 2020 event, Bane had some unique quotes when he was voted for. These are: "I won't let go of poachers.", "You'll get hurt from being too nice.", and "All elks are my close companions."
  • His character day is May 21st, the day the elk he nurtured, Black Nose, was born. On completion of his character day event 2020 players would receive a letter.
  • He likes elk and hounds and dislikes guns and animal traps.
  • Despite the game saying that Bane's head is that of a deer or elk, his antlers better resemble that of a moose, though the head shape itself is deer-shaped.
  • Originally, the Chain Hook was only unlocked after reaching 1000 points in Presence, making him a difficult Hunter to play as, and not well-regarded.
  • The Gamekeeper originally had a knife for a weapon, but it was changed to a fish skeleton later on.



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