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As a survivor, your goal is to co-operate with your 3 teammates to decipher 5 Cipher Machines and go to the Exit Gates to escape. You can also escape via the dungeon/hatch if you are the last survivor standing.

As a hunter, your goal is to capture at least 2 survivors in Rocket Chairs and prevent the survivors from reaching the exit gates or the dungeon/hatch.



Movement is controlled with the joystick on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen on the mobile version. Actions can be done by tapping icons on right. Camera can be moved by dragging your finger anywhere else on screen.


  • Movement = WASD
  • Camera = Mouse
  • Settings = Esc
  • In-game messages = C
  • Crouch = Ctrl
  • Run = Shift
  • Vaulting/Pallets = Space
  • Using abilities/items = numbers 1-3
  • Using Cipher/Rocket Chair = Q
  • Calibrations = Space
  • Struggle = tapping A+D

Survivors Group

Cipher Machines

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Survivors have to crack all cipher machines that can be located by looking for glowing antenna or outlined in blue for a hunter. While cracking the cipher machine, sometimes a calibration may be triggered and the screen has to be tapped at the right time to continue cracking. Missing the calibration or completing the machine will alert the hunter for a few seconds.

Cracking cipher machines will activate the exit gates. They will be highlighted. Entering the password into the switch then causes the exit gate to be opened so survivors can escape. The final survivor attracts more crows, which can give away their location. However, the final survivor can also escape through the hatch, which will spawn in different locations,


Survivors have fear levels that can be noted by purple heartbeats or intense soundtrack. The visible and hard-sounding Heartbeat indicates that the hunter is nearby. Hunters also have a ‘stain’ in front of them (a red light) that indicates which direction the Hunter is looking. It can be used to tell where the Hunter will go during a chase. Only survivors can see the stain.

Incapacitated survivors are highlighted with a red outline and can be healed by other survivors. When a Hunter is close, they can also see the outline.

Terror-Shock occurs when the Hunter hits a survivor mid-interaction. The survivor will be instantly downed (with the exception of the Mercenary, who will be downed after 30 seconds).

Survivors and Hunters have a Persona Web which allows them to choose abilities and perks which they can use during the match. Abilities can be unlocked with Persona Points, with a maximum of 120 Persona Points, meaning a maximum of two Final perks can be chosen. There are four Final perks: Tide Turner, Borrowed Time, Spectator, Broken Windows.

Windows can be vaulted by any group, but hunters have slower movements. There are two ways to vault windows. A quick vault is done by running towards the window and vaulting, but it will alert the Hunter with a noise notification. A slow vault can be done by walking or stopping before you reach the window. This type of vault does not alert the Hunter, but is slower than a quick vault. Depending on the survivor’s traits, most survivors vault windows at different speeds. The Hunter can bring Confined Space to block a window for a while.

Pallets are wooden boards that start upright, meaning both the survivors and Hunter can go through without having to interact. Survivors can use pallets to block or (when lucky) stun Hunters, and can be vaulted like windows but hunters can destroy it after it has been dropped. Be careful not to get terror-shocked when dropping (if the survivor is physically weak).

Survivors can use items from chests that can be located with a turquoise outline.

Survivors can hide in lockers to blend in environments but if a hunter discovers you in one, you will be instantly tied to balloons. Staying in a locker for too long will cause crows to circle above. Make sure you are not being chased or it will be obvious you are hiding in a locker. When injured, survivors may leave glass shards under the locker, which can be seen by Hunters.

Hunters Rules

Hunters have the objective to capture survivors by hitting them twice. However, it takes longer for hunters to recover after a successful hit (wiping their weapons after). Hunters however can track trails that survivors leave behind when running, which disappear after a while. Downed survivors can be captured and strapped to rocket chairs.

Survivors can struggle by tapping the screen repeatedly and will escape if they struggle for long enough. Struggling will affect the Hunter’s direction.

Survivors that are caught have to be rescued by other survivors. The chair will be highlighted in red. Otherwise, they'll get eliminated. But when the same survivor gets strapped 3 times or reaches the halfway line on the first time then gets strapped a second time, they will be eliminated automatically.

Game ends when the final survivor is strapped onto a chair or when they escape.


Related to the Mark. Contributes to Persona Restoration. The points are multiplied by 2.4 and added (so points + points * multiplier) if it is a victory. And 2.2 if loss (so points + points * multiplier). Also points are mulitplied by 2.2 if it’s a tie.

"Best Deduction" is given to the player with the highest points, denoting the MVP of the match.

Please press "Expand" to see the details of how points are earned.

"Everyone has to pay the price of their past deeds."
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Action Mark Base Points Notes
Fearless Bravery
Microworld Tranquility Only when reading book
Decode Tranquility
Cooperative Crack Friendliness
Complete Calibration Tranquility 30
Perfect Calibration Tranquility 60
Pursued Bravery
Escape Pursuit Bravery 150
Search for Item Tranquility 150
Reunion Friendliness 200
Got Away Persistence 3000


Action Mark Base Points Notes
Puppet Scout Deceit 20 For Hell Ember only
Wounded Deceit
Pursue Vigilance
Discover Survivors Vigilance 100
Super Hearing Deceit 100 With Listen
Hit Survivors Tough 200
Place on rocket chair Deterrence 250
Eliminate the survivor Deterrence 200/600
No one can escape Deceit 2000


Various points gained contribute to persona restoration, levels up the persona, and gives talent.


  • For survivors, when more than 2 survivors escape (Escaped).
  • For hunter, when killed more than 2 survivors (Flawless).


For both sides, when any 2 Survivors either escaped or died.


  • For Survivors, when more than three or more are unable to escape from the arena.
  • For hunters, when they kill less than 2 survivors (can be Zero kill). Results in defeat.
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