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Her amazing gardening skills serve only her dearest scarecrow. What's wrong with decorating your dream lover when you have the money?

Emma Woods (formerly Lisa Beck), also known as the Gardener, is one of the default survivors unlocked after completion of the prologue. She is one of the 28 playable survivors added to Identity V.


Emma has a petite build alongside a peach skin tone. She has a pair of green eyes. She has brown hair tied into a bun that is covered by a straw sunhat. She also has freckles on her face. She dons a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves, along with a pair of blue jeans that are held up by a tool belt. Her tool belt holds a pair of pruning shears and a red bottle. She also dons a pair of brown boots and a green gardening apron.


Having found "the one," Emma can finally focus on perfecting her gardening skills. Maybe dear Mr. Scarecrow still needs some new duds. Replace the rotten straw, throw on a new hat. Of course, appearance isn't the only thing she cares about. But, hey, what's wrong with dressing up your dream lover? As long as you have the money.

Emma was born as Lisa to a factory owner around 1876. Her father made her small toys and treated her well. However, her father was severely in-debt with the factory that he was tricked into buying. He burned himself in the fire after sending Lisa to an orphanage, where she stayed for five years. The orphanage resulted in children suffering from psychological trauma, thus it was turned into an asylum at which Lisa stayed. At the asylum, she was operated on by Dr. Lydia Jones. After this, Lisa fled and changed her name to Emma Woods.


External Traits

  • Ingenuity: Carries around a toolkit that is used to destroy rocket chairs. The more active rocket chairs that remain, the faster her destroying speed is. Due to her basic repair skills, toolkits are not depleted when used.
  • Mech Expert: Possesses certain repair skills. When calibration is triggered, the scope of success increases by 50% and triggering chance decreases by 50%. Influenced by her, all teammates' scope of success increases by 5% and triggering chance decreases by 5%.
  • Confidence: Due to her familiarity with the structure of rocket chairs, she is less scared and her persistence on a rocket chair is increased by 10%.
  • Veterans: Veterans are more vigilant than novices and gain an additional 2s boost when hit.


  • As soon as the game began, try to dismantle the nearest rocket chair.
  • Once you finished dismantling, run as far as you can or hide to prevent getting caught.
  • Do not dismantle once you are in the hunter radius and you hear a heartbeat unless when you think you have enough time and the hunter is carrying a survivor.

Deduction Targets

All completed objectives reward the player with +335 Logic points for the Logic Path.

Please press "Expand" to see the deduction path.

Deduction Conclusion
Happy Life: Your companionship gives me hope.
  1. Basic Objective: Escape through the exit gate
  2. Advanced Objective 1: Escape through the exit gate
  3. Advanced Objective 2: Escape through the exit gate
Photo: A short-haired, middle-aged man in yellow overalls standing in the center of the frame. The lower left corner reads, "Father."
New Friend: Who will I meet here?
  1. Basic Objective: Encounter 1 teammate
  2. Advanced Objective 1: Encounter 2 teammates
  3. Advanced Objective 2: Encounter 3 teammates
Little Girl's Diary 1: Father's new friend is a young gentleman with a suit and shiny hair. He is very friendly and always brings flowers.
Impending Doom: Don't let those people near me!
  1. Basic Objective: Escape from the hunter 1 time
  2. Advanced Objective 1: Escape from the hunter 3 times
  3. Advanced Objective 1: Escape from the hunter 5 times
Happiness is fleeting. No matter how hard you strive, the next misfortune is always right around the corner.
Secret Departure: Leave before they notice and maybe then you can avoid heartbreak.
  1. Basic Objective: Heal 1 teammate
  2. Advanced Objective 1: Heal 2 teammates
  3. Advanced Objective 2: Heal 3 teammates
Little Girl's Diary 3: Mother is gone. I didn't sleep that night. The last word she uttered before she left was, "sorry."
Cooperation: Perhaps disputes are unavoidable when we work with others.
  1. Basic Objective: 50% co-op decoding progress
  2. Advanced Objective 1: 70% co-op decoding progress
  3. Advanced Objective 2: 100% co-op decoding progress
Little Girl's Diary 2: Father and Mother quarrelled. Mother said that father's clothes were always dirty. Father didn't say anything.
Curiosity: I want to know what's inside!
  1. Basic Objective: Open 1 chest
  2. Advanced Objective 1: Open 2 chests
  3. Advanced Objective 2: Open 3 chests
All junk. At least this stuff is somewhat usable. I mean, we should turn waste into wealth.
Maintenance: Seems like those cipher machines can still be used. Perhaps I should restore them.
  1. Basic Objective: 100% decoding progress
  2. Advanced Objective 1: 200% decoding progress
  3. Advanced Objective 2: 300% decoding progress
I know how to open that gate.
Escape: He sent me away before disaster struck. And now it's just me here.
  1. Basic Objective: Escape from the hunter 2 times
  2. Advanced Objective 1: Escape from the hunter 4 times
  3. Advanced Objective 2: Escape from the hunter 6 times
Photo: An eight- or nine-year-old girl standing in front of an orphanage. The lower right corner reads: "My beloved Lisa"
Destroy: If there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's that you'd better nip a problem in the bud before it gets out of hand.
  1. Basic Objective: Dismantle 2 rocket chairs
  2. Advanced Objective 1: Dismantle 4 rocket chairs
  3. Advanced Objective 2: Dismantle 6 rocket chairs
Little Girl's Diary 4: Father drank too much and began selling things from home. Sometimes strangers would break into the house and take things. I don't know what has happened, but this feeling is awful.
Redemption: I often think, if only there was someone that had lent me a hand. Then maybe now I could help others?
  1. Basic Objective: Rescue 1 teammate from rocket chairs
  2. Advanced Objective 1: Rescue 2 teammates from rocket chairs
  3. Advanced Objective 2: Rescue 3 teammates from rocket chairs
Photo: A fourteen-year-old girl is bound to a chair receiving electroshock therapy. A female doctor is operating the device.
Residual Image: I never thought I would meet him like this. No, this can't be true!
  1. Basic Objective: Stun the hunter with a pallet 1 time
  2. Advanced Objective 1: Stun the hunter with a pallet 2 times
  3. Advanced Objective 2: Stun the hunter with a pallet 3 times
Photo: A building in flames. Its worn signboard reads, Minerva Armory.
Pursuit and Escape: The hunter and prey are liable to switch places, perhaps even completely out of the blue.
  1. Basic Objective: Escape from the hunter 2 times
  2. Advanced Objective 1: Escape from the hunter 5 times
  3. Advanced Objective 2: Escape from the hunter 7 times
Lisa Beck's Invitation Letter: We sincerely invite you to join a special game. In the manor, you will meet a long lost "friend." There is a flattened thistle flower between the pages of the letter.

After deducing Objective 12: Pursuit and Escape, Gardener's Worn Clothes costume will be unlocked. Gardener's Diary 1 will also be unlocked.

Diary Entries

Emily's Diary entries and storyline containing manor events can be found here.

Once the Diaries are completed, Emily's Dark Side costume will be unlocked.

Appearance Decoration




Basic Accessories

Special Accessories


Note: Only obtainable pets are listed, limited/unobtainable pets can be found here.

Mini Hunters



Note: This only lists exclusive graffiti. Basic graffiti that can be used by any character can be found here.


Standby Motions


  • She has had interactions with Emily Dyer, Freddy Riley, and Kreacher Pierson prior to when she came to the manor.
  • She was operated on in the White Sand Street Asylum, making her connected to the map.
    • The phrase “Lydia will always stand by Lisa’s side forever and ever” can be seen written on a wall in the room with an operating chair.
      • Said room is where Lisa was operated on by Lydia Jones.
  • She does not seem to remember much of her past, or if she does, she doesn’t talk about it.
  • She is the mascot of Identity V.
  • She was born on December 21st.
  • She likes canaries and like her father, doesn't like rats and foxes.
  • During the Voting Stage of the Deduction Star 2020 event, Emma had some unique quotes when she was voted for. These are: "Ah, I've put my heart and soul into this garden. These flowers will make such a beautiful specimen.", "Extraordinary measures are required to survive in this insane world.", and "My beloved scarecrow needs more decorations."
  • After Emily and Kreacher died, Leo may have been drawn to the fire caused by the burning scarecrow. He could have a) Recognized Emma and spared her, b) Not recognized her and killed her, or c) Killed her before recognizing her. This makes her status unknown but likely deceased.


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