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Michiko used to be an amazing dancer. When she danced in a red kimono, it looked like a red butterfly flapping its wings. But now, no one has the courage to watch her performance.

Michiko (美智子), also known as the Geisha or the Red Butterfly, is a Difficulty Level 1.5 Hunter available for purchase after completion of the prologue. This character is one of 24 playable Hunters added to Identity V.

"Miles, do you still remember me?"

—Michiko (Deduction Star 2020)


Michiko is a tall and slender young woman with long black hair that is tied into a ponytail that separates into two tails of hair.

She wears a black and red kimono that is tied together by a red and yellow obi. Michiko's Prajna form has the same build and skin tone as her Beauty form, however, her hair color has a slightly greener hue and she has many more tails of hair than her Beauty form. She wears a distinctive hannya mask over her face in this form and has drastically sharper fingernails. Her kimono is green and pink and very tattered. Her obi is red in this form. She has a folding fan with a white middle, red edges, and a red and white tassel.


Michiko is a relatively straight-forward hunter that is strongest in chasing survivors, as her main ability is being able to place butterflies anywhere in her nearby vicinity and then dash towards them (ignoring obstacles) so long as the butterfly itself is visible. These butterflies can also attach to survivors, which can also be dashed to so long as the butterfly is visible and the survivor is not looking at geisha.

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External Traits


Character Statistics

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Movements and Interactions:

  • Model volume: Radius 0.38 m
  • Movement Speed: 4.73 m/s (Beauty Form)
  • Turning speed: 800.0 degree(s)/s
  • Duration of vaulting over windows: 1.8 sec
  • Duration of destroying pallets: 2.27 sec
  • Duration of being stunned: 3.72 sec

Normal attack:

  • Launching action for normal attack: 0.43 sec
  • Effective range of normal attack: 2.7 m
  • Duration of recovery action from missed normal attacks: 0.77 sec
  • Duration of recovery action from normal attack hits: 4.27 sec

Charged attack:

  • Launching action for charged attack: 0.82 sec
  • Effective range of charged attack: 3.04 m
  • Duration of recovery action from missed charged attacks: 0.8 sec
  • Duration of recovery action from charged attack hits: 4.3 sec


  • Duration of ballooning: 1.96 sec
  • Duration of being stunned after Survivors escaped: 5.92 sec
  • Launching action for ballooning: 0.56 sec
  • Effective range of ballooning: 2.11 m


  • Fear radius: 32.07 m**
  • Duration of recovery action from hitting scene objects: 1.33 sec

Player-tested Statistics

  • The listed speed is the Beauty form's movement speed. For Prajna form, it's 4.56m (before getting the third ability, the Prajna form's movement speed used to be 4.51m)
    • Geisha's actual fear radius is: 22.07m (Beauty form) and 35.07m (Prajna form).

Geisha Stats.png


  • The name Michiko means "beautiful" (美) (mi), "wisdom, intellect" (智) (chi) and "child" (子) (ko).


  • Her profile from the Anniversary Tales Collection Booklet, obtained from the Second Anniversary Event:
    • Destiny is often determined in a split second. The key lies in whether one has the courage to face it head-on. [The Geisha entered the Manor on August 1, 2018.]
  • Michiko was the second female hunter to be released into the game.
  • Michiko is of Japanese descent.
  • Prajna (the name of Michiko's demon form) stems from a term in Buddhism that means insight into the true nature of reality.
    • Michiko's mask in her Prajna form is a hannya mask, a common mask that represents a jealous female demon in Japanese plays.
  • Her background story is based on Madame Butterfly, Which she represents Cho-Cho-San while her husband Miles represents B.F. Pinkerton.[6]
  • Michiko will hum songs occasionally in-game:
    • One of the songs is a Japanese folk song called "Sakura Sakura".
    • Another song also triggered during Beauty Form's idle animation is the beginning part of "Lament of the Highborne", a soundtrack from World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade's OST.
      • Additionally, the mentioned song above is also hummed in three different tones: the first version is a normal tone, the second one is softer, and the third is deeper.
  • Michiko's alias - Red Butterfly (红蝶) is based on the Japanese horror game Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly (零~红蝶~). The Japanese name for the creature in the game is 紅い蝶 (Akai Chō). Crimson Butterfly is depicted in-game as a spiritual symbol that honors the souls of the victims in All God Village's sacrificial ritual. This is somewhat similar to Michiko's ability Swallowtail Butterflies, as they symbolize her soul's resentment and vengeance from being murdered by Donnelly Miles, her father-in-law, and later had her corpse accidentally become a sacrificial offering to the Sea Lord in Lakeside Village, therefore landing a calamity on the village's fate. Additionally, Michiko's demise bears a resemblance to Sae Kurosawa's, the main antagonist of the other game, who was also the victim for the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual. The ritual wasn't a success however as the villagers didn't meet the requirements of both twins (Sae and Yae) being sacrificed together, thus allowing Sae to return as a vengeful spirit and kill all living beings in the village, marking the end of All God Village. Sae's soul therefore haunted the place and kept on waiting forever for her sister to come back and reunite with her.
    • In the concept art for Michiko's abilities, her Dash Hit was Michiko transforming to Prajna Phase, and in split seconds she turns into a bunch of red butterflies rushing towards the targeted survivor. After the ability is canceled, Michiko will revert back to her Prajna Form
  • Michiko is the character that has the most idle animations in-game (with 4 idle animations in total: Beauty form's, Prajna form's and Panic form's for two different forms mentioned above).
  • Unlike other hunters that have to climb through the window, Michiko can go through it. This same goes for the Sculptor.
  • All of Michiko's exclusive accessories are worn on her head instead of her waist, excluding Red Spider Lily and Kitsune Mask.
  • Currently, Michiko is only one of three hunters to have a pet, the other hunters being the Gamekeeper, Bane Perez and the Smiley Face, Joker.
  • Michiko is located on the map, Eversleeping Town where she can be seen dancing on the gazebo at the lake in her Shiromuku skin and her silhouette can also be seen on a screen door in one of the two-story buildings.
    • In the silhouette, Michiko appears to be in her prajna form, holding her fan, and sitting down with a leg exposed.
  • The Mini Geisha pet is based upon Michiko.
  • The game files for Michiko have their names contained banshee. Banshee is a female spirit in Irish folklore who heralds the death of a family member, usually by walking, shrieking, or keening.
  • When using the trait Peeper a Japanese stock "Pon!" sound effect will play.
  • Although Michiko doesn't have her legs visibly shown in-game, her model actually has a legs base, which might be used in near future.
  • Michiko has the highest hunter usage rate in the entire game, as of 2022.
  • Her favorite Dish is Tempura.

In Other Languages

"Geisha (Michiko)" in Other Languages
🇨🇳 简体中文
(Simplified Chinese)
红蝶 (美智子) The Red Butterfly (Michiko)
🇨🇳 繁體中文
(Traditional Chinese)
紅蝶 (美智子) The Red Butterfly (Michiko)
🇺🇸/🇬🇧 English Geisha (Michiko)
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芸者 (美智子) Geisha (Michiko)
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  1. "Michiko used to be an amazing dancer. When she danced in a red kimono, it looked like a red butterfly flapping its wings. But now, no one has the courage to watch her performance. So, she's dubbed "The Red Butterfly". The developers also mention designing the Geisha, as well as a fan who had designed a Geisha survivor after their initial idea. -
  2. "Today let's first introduce a new female [Hunter]. Everyone wanted a pure and untainted female hunter with a beautiful appearance but a fearsome aura. I think, this would be "The Red Butterfly"." -
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