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Michiko used to be an amazing dancer. When she danced in a red kimono, it looked like a red butterfly flapping its wings. But now, no one has the courage to watch her performance.

Michiko, also known as the Geisha or the Red Butterfly, is a hunter available for purchase after completion of the prologue. She is one of the 18 playable hunters added to Identity V.


Michiko is a tall and slender young woman with long black hair that is tied into a ponytail that separates into two tails of hair. She wears a black and red kimono that is tied together by a red and yellow obi. Michiko's Prajna form has the same build and skin tone as her Beauty form, however, her hair color has a slightly greener hue and she has many more tails of hair than her Beauty form. She wears a distinctive mask over her face in this form and has drastically sharper fingernails. Her kimono is green and pink and very tattered. Her obi is red in this form.


The Geisha met Miles, a foreign army officer at a banquet and they fell in love soon after. They got married and returned to Miles' homeland together. His father was particularly vocal in his opposition to their marriage. He was cynical of her and hoped to drive her out of the family home. Not long after, Michiko mysteriously disappeared after Miles left on a business trip. Mile’s father claims that she ran off with another man and urged his son to found another wife. Miles, however, started to search for his wife, Michiko, but no one knows where she went.


External Traits:

Triple Phases: Geisha has three different moods and forms. She assumes the Beauty form when calm: in this form her fear radius is smaller but has higher movement speed; when angry she assumes the Prajna form: in this form, her fear radius is larger, but has lower movement speed; she enters Panic form when her face is seen by a survivor: her fear radius remains unchanged, but has lower movement speed.


Dash Hit: The Geisha enters genesis mode and assumes the Prajna form. She ignores the terrain and rushes towards the survivor closest to the middle of where she is looking. But, should the Geisha’s face be gazed upon by a survivor, Panic form will be activated and special abilities negated.

Soul Departure: The Geisha enters genesis mode and changes into Prajna form and jumps into the air to overlook the surrounding environment. Her Dash Hit also gains casting distance. But, should the Geisha's face be seen by a survivor while she fears someone, Panic form will be activated and the skill will lose its effect.

Dash Hit - Enhanced: Survivors' fear increases the Geisha's powers. The Geisha can now dash towards survivors at a higher speed.


  • Try not to use Dash Hit in the start of the game. Instead, use Beauty Form to catch the survivors quicker.
  • To perform an attack successfully, remember to hit the survivors after the Automatic Spotting System on their heads disappear.
  • Despite having a small hitbox, Geisha has a long hit range. With this advantage, she can hit survivors after they have just finished their vaulting animations.
  • When being stared at by survivors, try to hide in the obstacles nearby to block their views, and then immediately activate Dash Hit to get closer to them.
  • To dash through the obstacles, stay close to them, and then activate the skill. If the survivor is staring, block their views by changing the character's direction or hide in the obstacles nearby as said above.
  • Dash Hit will activate when there is a survivor shown on the camera view. Using this feature to perform a dash that surprises the survivors.

Deduction Targets

All completed objectives reward the player with +335 Logic points for the Logic Path.

Please press "Expand" to see the deduction path.

Deduction Conclusion
Hometown: This is the last stop for our ancestors and the starting point for our journey.
  1. Discover a survivor 2 times
  2. Discover a survivor 3 times
  3. Discover a survivor 4 times
A diary: Before entering, I called it Forever Sleep Town. Those moving objects really catch your eye on in those quiet, sleepy streets.
Shelter: I am like duckweed, why fear dust in the wind?
  1. Basic Objective: Attack and hit a Survivor with a charged attack 1 time
  2. Advanced Objective 1: Attack and hit a Survivor with a charged attack 2 times
  3. Advanced Objective 2: Attack and hit a survivor with a charged attack 3 times
A photograph: A young girl plays her shamisen accompanied by a winter plum flower.
Grow: One day you will meet someone who brings you laughter and tears.
  1. Basic Objective: Destroy 1 pallet
  2. Advanced Objective 1: Destroy 2 pallets
  3. Advanced Objective 1: Destroy 3 pallets
A photograph: A young geisha wearing a red kimono dances at a banquet. A young man with a tall nose and deep eyes enjoys the dance.
Master: Humanity moves like a horde of insects. It spreads like wildfire.
  1. Basic Objective: Use Soul Departure 1 time
  2. Advanced Objective 1: Use Soul Departure 2 times
  3. Advanced Objective 2: Use Soul Departure 2 times
Two boat tickets: They look pretty old, but are still well-preserved.
Feelings: This is a completely different kingdom. The women wear exaggerated hats.
  1. Basic Objective: Place 2 Survivors on a rocket chair
  2. Advanced Objective 1: Place 3 Survivors on a rocket chair
  3. Advanced Objective 2: Place 4 Survivors on a rocket chair
Buckle Hatpin: A delicate butterfly hatpin. It is 6 inches long and has a very sharp tip.
Haze: He wants to go on a long journey. We left a group photo.
  1. Basic Objective: Terror Shock survivors 1 time
  2. Advanced Objective 1: Terror Shock survivors 2 times
  3. Advanced Objective 2: Terror Shock survivors 2 times
A photograph: A young girl in a kimono stands with her husband behind a gloomy old man. There is something written on the back. "Unpleasant woman."
Chill: The human heart cannot be changed by others.
  1. Basic Objective: Travel 18 meters with Dash Hit
  2. Advanced Objective 1: Travel 27 meters with Dash Hit
  3. Advanced Objective 2: Travel 36 meters with Dash Hit
A telegram: Your wife has run away. Return quickly. Father.
Love: The heart wanders, the mind lingers.
  1. Basic Objective: Use Dash Hit to traverse obstacles 1 time
  2. Advanced Objective 1: Use Dash Hit to traverse obstacles 2 times
  3. Advanced Objective 2: Use Dash Hit to traverse obstacles 3 times
A photograph: A haggard young man posting a missing person notice on the street. There is a pale, shy face on it.
Grudge: Unrequited love, endless complaints.
  1. Basic Objective: Hit survivors 1 time after your face has been gazed upon.
  2. Advanced Objective 1: Hit survivors 1 time after your face has been gazed upon.
  3. Advanced Objective 2: Hit survivors 1 time after your face has been gazed upon.
A diary: He really doesn't know anything? No, that hatpin... he must know. He has to know.
Growth: Letting go is easier said than done. Getting rid of the ghosts in one's heart will result in the cessation of existence.
  1. Basic Objective: Hit Survivors 1 time after Dash Hit is activated
  2. Advanced Objective 1: Hit Survivors 2 times after Dash Hit is activated
  3. Advanced Objective 2: Hit Survivors 2 times after Dash Hit is activated
But before it disappears, where should the body go?

After deducing Objective 10: Growth, Geisha's Worn Clothes costume will be unlocked.

Full Deduction

Michiko was raised in 'Forever Sleep Town' and became a geisha. While performing at a banquet, she met a man named Miles and at some point married him. The young couple soon traveled overseas to Miles' homeland, where Michiko met her father-in-law. He heavily disapproved of the marriage. One day, Miles left for a long journey. Using this opportunity to his advantage, his father murdered Michiko (it is implied he killed her with a hatpin), hid her body, and covered up her disappearance by simply stating she had run away.

Appearance Decoration




Non-exclusive accessories that can be worn by any hunter can be found here.

Special Accessories





Note: This only lists exclusive graffiti. Basic graffiti that can be used by any character can be found here.


Standby Motion


  • The name Michiko means "beautiful" (美) (mi), "wisdom, intellect" (智) (chi) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Michiko was the second female hunter to be released into the game.
  • Michiko is of Japanese descent.
  • Michiko's mask in her Prajna form is a hannya mask, a common mask that represents a jealous female demon in Japanese plays.
  • Michiko will hum songs occasionally in-game:
    • One of the songs is a Japanese folk song called "Sakura Sakura".
    • She will also dance if she is idle.
  • Prajna (the name of Michiko's demon form) stems from a term in Buddhism that means insight into the true nature of reality.
  • Michiko's Character Day is on February 18th. On her character day, players would receive a letter for completing the event.
    • On her character day, it was revealed that Michiko likes noh masks, veils, & kimonos. It was also revealed on her character day that Michiko dislikes mirrors and the glares of others.
      • Ironically, Michiko's pet is a mirror.
  • Unlike other hunters that have to climb through the window, Michiko can go through it.
  • All Michiko's exclusive accessories are worn on her head instead of her waist, excluding Red Spider Lily.
  • Currently, Michiko is only one of two hunters to have a pet, the other hunter being the Gamekeeper, Bane Perez.
  • Michiko is one of the few characters who is connected to a map, that map being Eversleeping Town.
    • Occasionally she can be seen dancing on the canopy by the bridge at the lake in her Shiromuku skin.
    • A silhouette of Michiko can also be seen on a screen door in one of the two-story buildings.
      • In the silhouette, Michiko appears to be in her prajna form, holding her fan, and sitting down with a leg exposed.
  • There is a pet for survivors that is based after Michiko called the Mini Geisha.
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