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He never thought that this would be his last snow.

Leo's Memory is a map currently available in Identity V. It takes place in Leo Beck's factory during Christmas. The prominent colour palette of this map is white.


Little to nothing is known about the background of the Minerva Arms Factory during Christmas time.

Notable Places


The factory is located in the center of the map. Unlike the factory in the Arms Factory map, it has two floors which can be accessed from staircases inside and outside the building.

Abandoned Shack

The abandoned shack is located not far from the factory. It is empty and is a common location for survivors to use the looping strategy in.

Christmas Tree

There is a large christmas tree between one of the ruined walls and the shack.


There are clusters of ruined walls in 4 separate clusters found at each corner of the square map. Each cluster can spawn 1 cipher each.

Shipping Containers

There are multiple shipping containers scattered across the map, but two are particularly large. The biggest is white and near the northern edge of the map, while second biggest is yellow and right next to the factory.

Exit Gates

There are two exit gates in the North-East and South-West part of the map.

Basement Locations

As with most maps, there are two Hunter's basement locations.

  1. In the abandoned shack
  2. In the Factory

Dungeon Locations

There are 5 possible locations for the dungeon hatch to spawn in.

  • Just outside the Factory towards the largest shipping container, in between a triangle of obstacles.
  • Far corner of the map near an exit gate, in between ruind walls.
  • Other far corner of the map, furthest away from exit gates.
  • Next to the christmas tree.
  • Behind the shack.


  • Leo's Memory is based on what the Minerva Arms Factory looked like before it was destroyed.
  • Although Christmas has finished, Leo's Memory can still be played in.


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