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No one knows how many people have taken part in this game; we know that he played the game.

Lucky Guy', also known as Deduction Substitute, is a default survivor unlocked after completion of the prologue. He is one of the 29 playable survivors added to Identity V.


The Lucky Guy has a slight build with a peach skin tone. He has dirty blond hair that is combed to the side. He dons a white long-sleeved shirt covered by a blue t-shirt, a pair of grey jeans, and a pair of red sneakers. He also wears a pair of brown glasses.


Not much is known about Lucky Guy's past. Lucky Guy has been extremely lucky in the past and many people view his life as a slot machine in which he always hits the jackpot. Seeing how lucky he is, he decided to partake in the game held at Oletus Manor, relying entirely on luck to let him win.

For a theoretical backstory, see Lucky Guy Diaries.


External Traits


Lucky Guy is a versatile survivor. He doesn't possess any debuff, so he can act as a decoder, a rescuer, or contain the hunter as well.

Aided by the increased chance to get the item he wants in the chest, Lucky Guy can be very useful in any situation. Of note is his higher chance of obtaining a Flare Gun.

Deduction Target

Note: This character has no deduction system. It is not planned to be implemented.

Appearance Decoration


  • None


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Special Accessories

  • None


Pets for survivors are non-exclusive and can be worn by any character. A full list of Pets can be found here.



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Standby Motion


  • Lucky Guy is the only character who does not have a name and a minimal amount of lore only found within the tutorial.
    • He canonically escapes the death game at the manor.
    • He is believed to have a relative or friend who died during the game, which is shown in the tutorial as someone named Stranger 1. He has a similar appearance as Lucky Guy, but he tragically dies as he escapes.
    • He is right-handed, and apparently of average education.[1]
  • Out of mass request from the fandom, Lucky Guy was eventually given an ability, which shares the same name as him.
  • Lucky Guy's Birthday is on November 22nd, making him a Sagittarius.


  1. Detective: Judging from the content, my guess would be that our author is male, right-handed, and of average education - from the introduction
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