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The map is an item that can be found in chests or can be dropped by Freddy Riley when he dies or swaps his item for something else. Players can navigate themselves throughout the map using the map, allowing players to see all ciphers, teammates, the hunter (if nearby) and exit gates.


The map is crinkly, faded and slightly yellow, hinting is quite old. A bird's eye view of the map the player is in is sketched into the map, and numerous x marks are scattered across the map. On the back of the map, a large word reading MAP is drawn with ink.


  • This item useful if the player is not familiar with the map of the game.
  • Freddy only has one A-Tier costume, Mr. Bunny, and so this item only has one variant.
  • Prior to the adjustment made on April 30 2020, instead of highlighting their locations, the map offered a top-down view of the map itself, with the objects/characters being represented by symbols.
  • During that time, it would not deplete when used by the lawyer due to the nature of his foresight ability at the time.


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