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Someone promised a golden prize in the invitation letter, but what truly attracted Tracy was the secret gadgets in the manor. A mechanic needs inspiration as well as money!

Tracy Reznik, also known as the Mechanic, is a survivor available for purchase after completion of the prologue. She is one of 29 playable survivors added to Identity V.


Tracy is a young woman with short, light brown hair and grey eyes. She wears brown coveralls rolled up at the knees and elbows, leggings, and brown boots and gloves. A leather helmet is strapped to her head, and she has two pais of goggles: one on her head and one around her neck.


Having been wrapped up in her "useless" little inventions and obsessed with gunpowder experiments, the Mechanic Tracy was soon in debt because of the high cost of these experiments. The invitation letter promised a golden prize, but what truly attracted Tracy were the secret gadgets in the manor…


External Traits[1]

  • Operator: Carries around a life-size doll, which can be destroyed with a single strike. When the Mechanic's doll is being controlled or is decoding a cipher machine, its durability will deplete. Love for the doll reduces depletion speed by 33%. The Mechanic can control the deployed doll when incapacitated or when placed on a rocket chair but at a higher cost. Control will be interrupted if the Mechanic is rescued.
  • Fragile: Physically weak. Obstacle vaulting speed is decreased by 30%.
  • Mech Master: Skilled at making machines and various mechanical traps. Her decoding speed is increased by 25%. When operating a doll, its decoding speed is also increased by 25%. The Mechanic's teammates also learn some mechanical skills from her and become 3% faster at decoding.
  • Cowardly: Years of indoor work have exacerbated the Mechanic's timidity. The mechanic becomes scared when a teammate is wounded or placed on a rocket chair, therefore her decoding is decreased by 45% and her door-opening speed is decreased by 15%. This effect can be stacked up to 2 times.

Deduction Targets

All completed Objectives reward the player with +335 Logic points for the Logic Path.

Please press "Expand" to see the deduction path.

Deduction Conclusion
Misery: Life is never easy.
  • Basic Objective: Achieve 50% co-op decoding progress
  • Advanced Objective 1: Achieve 70% co-op decoding progress
  • Advanced Objective 2: Achieve 100% co-op decoding progress
Photo: A man wearing an apron sits in front of the sickbed, whereupon a gaunt-looking woman rests.
Father: Even though he's clumsy at times, he's still your father.
  • Basic Objective: Heal yourself or others with the doll 1 time
  • Advanced Objective 1: Heal yourself or others with the doll 2 time
  • Advanced Objective 2: Heal yourself or others with the doll 2 time
Diary 1: Irene, our daughter has talent, and she loves clocks. I bring her to work sometimes.
Troublemaker: Accidents tend to happen.
  • Basic Objective: Achieve 40% co-op decoding progress with the doll
  • Advanced Objective 1: Achieve 80% co-op decoding progress with the doll
  • Advanced Objective 2: Achieve 100% co-op decoding progress with the doll
Diary 2: She's a real rascal. She often disassembles patrons' clocks and puts them back together. Irene, at least she has your deftness.
Genius: Only those who have truly worked hard understand the importance of talent.
  • Basic Objective: Perform a perfect calibration 1 time with the doll
  • Advanced Objective 1: Perform a perfect calibration 2 times with the doll
  • Advanced Objective 2: Perform a perfect calibration 3 times with the doll
Diary 3: All of our patrons are full of praise for the new clock; we have a genius in the family! Tracy's new mechanism has replaced the old junk. Irene, I wish you were alive.
Unexpected Disaster: You will never understand the fortune of being able to open one's eyes every morning.
  • Basic Objective: Open the exit gate with the doll
  • Advanced Objective 1: Open the exit gate with the doll
  • Advanced Objective 2: Open the exit gate with the doll
Newspaper clipping: An explosion occurred at a local clock store. The owner, Mark Reznik, who was working through the night, couldn't escape the fire. Relatives claim it was not an accident, but the cause of the fire is still being investigated.
Born this way: As you know, sometimes certain things just catch your attention.
  • Basic Objective: Successfully heal 1 teammate
  • Advanced Objective 1: Successfully heal 2 teammates
  • Advanced Objective 2: Successfully heal 3 teammates
Photo: A little girl sits among a sea of clock parts with a tiny metal man in her hand.
Thirst to Explore: Curiosity is what spurs progress.
  • Basic Objective: Achieve 100% decoding progress
  • Advanced Objective 1: Achieve 200% decoding progress
  • Advanced Objective 2: Achieve 300% decoding progress
Pellegrino Turri invented the first typewriter, but the prototype has gone missing. Perhaps I should create my own one, just like Fantoni.
Perfect Creation: They look very much alike!
  • Basic Objective: Complete 3 perfect calibration
  • Advanced Objective 1: Complete 4 perfect calibrations
  • Advanced Objective 2: Complete 5 perfect calibrations
Photo: A man wearing an apron is standing together with a mechanical doll. The man smiles bitterly at the mirror.
Everyone Has a Reason: Foxes often forget to hide their tails.
  • Basic Objective: Open the exit gate
  • Advanced Objective 1: Open the exit gate
  • Advanced Objective 2: Open the exit gate
Debt statement: As certified by Mr. Carl Taplin, the President of the Association, Mark Reznik acquired a clock mechanism worth £1,000 from the clock merchant, and promised to return them with a new mechanism of equivalent value. The payment period is overdue and the amount should be reimbursed immediately.
Debt Repayment: Everyone has to pay the price of their past deeds.
  • Basic Objective: Rescue teammates 1 time with the doll
  • Advanced Objective 1: Rescue teammates 2 times with the doll
  • Advanced Objective 2: Rescue teammates 2 times with the doll
Newspaper clipping: The local clock merchant has experienced recurring issues with their electricity. The hidden dangers of alternating currents should not be underestimated.
Heart of the Machine: A swaying mechanism is the beating heart of a clock.
  • Basic Objective: Rescue yourself 1 time with the doll
  • Advanced Objective 1: Rescue yourself 1 time with the doll
  • Advanced Objective 2: Rescue yourself 1 time with the doll
My eyes fill with tears every time I turn on the controller and see it move again. But it's far from enough, I have to find the perfect way for it, no, him.

After deducing Node 11: Precise Assessment, Mercenary's Worn Clothes costume will be unlocked.

Full Conclusion

Tracy is the daughter of a clocksmith named Mark, who lost his wife Irene to illness. As he ran the clock repair shop, he found that Tracy was a genius with the mechanical parts, and she eventually made one that everyone praised her for. Unfortunately, an explosion occurred one night and caught the shop, and her father, on fire. Tracy threw herself into her experimentation and began trying to make a mechanical doll as a replacement for her father. Unfortunately, she is stopped in her progress when she is burdened with an overdue debt originating from her father's agreement.

Appearance Decoration




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Special Accessories




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Standby Motion


  • Her parents' names were Mark Reznik and Irene Reznik. Her mother, Irene, died from a disease when Tracy was young.
  • Her birthday is September 13. In 2020, players would receive a letter on her birthday after completing the event.
  • Tracy's model in-game has some inconsistencies between her different costumes. Her recent ones mostly use her updated model, which features a slightly longer and softer face which resembles her official art closely. Her other costumes seem to use a base model that was inspired by her concept art, featuring a shorter rounder face. The difference in models can usually be seen in the costume card.



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