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The Milk Carton is an accessory that can be worn by all playable characters. It was available for purchase in the Illusion Shop during a charity event between June 6 and June 26, 2019. As it was part of a charity event, Identity V developers gave the title "Charity MissingKids" to players who sent in a screenshot of their character wearing the accessory as proof of purchase. An additional customized title that participants could customize was also given away alongside the Charity title.


When equipped, the accessory is a small white milk carton with yellowish edges and streaks of blue on each side. A label with the picture of a child can be seen.


  • It can be worn by all Survivors and Hunters.
  • The Axe Boy Costume named Wail was released at the same time as part of the event and seems to go along with this accessory.
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