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The music box is an item featured in Identity V. It is wielded by Margaretha Zelle; the Female Dancer. It cannot be obtained by other survivors, similar to the Mind’s Eye’s cane, the Priestess‘s Holy Key, or the Cowboy’s Lasso.


The music box takes on the form of a normal music box. It is wooden and has a heartbeat illustration on the top of the music box (varies if current music box plays slow music or fast music). It has a golden dispenser that dispenses and retracts red or blue music sheets.


The music box's tune can be changed to make other teammates and the player faster or slower. Her fast music comes in handy when doing actions that take an extended amount of time to finish such as decoding cipher machines and opening exit gates. The player can use slow music to lose the hunter faster. Although beneficial to the player as Margaretha is not slowed down when slow music is played, it can be a nuisance to other teammates. The best places to use slow music is when hitting the hunter with a pallet or near a survivor in a rocket chair (if hunter is near rocket chair). The best place for fast music is when decoding with another survivor or when healing. 


  • Smiley Face seems to be the former owner of the music boxes
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