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Palace of Silence is an A-Tier Room and Custom Lobby that players can use as a preparation area between games. It can be purchased from the Illusion Hall and was released January 16, 2020. A private store with exclusive furniture becomes available after obtaining this room.


This is an immense room with greek themed walls and pillars, but of particular note is the huge window on one side which shows an undersea landscape. The layout of the room is of a large open square with tile flooring, and then a dual staircase with a fountain in between, which goes up to a landing and the entry door. This room is fairly dim, with the only lighting coming from two torches near the fountain, 3 small windows, and the huge window on the side.


Once this room is owned, a butler will accompany the player to matches before each game starts. As a survivor, you have a maid who is a tall woman wearing a purple coral crown and a loose blue dress, who stands behind your chair holding a silver platter. As a hunter, you have a fish-man security guard with white eyes, grey skin with gills, and wears a broken bronze breastplate with barnacles.

Any player part of the match can click on the platter held by either and see the owner's room picture.

Exclusive Items

Upon purchase, the room will come with a few pieces of furniture exclusive to the Palace of Silence:

  • Stone Stool - a marble chair, can be used to enter the Logic Path.
  • Lyre - a curved instrument on a white pedestal, can be used to alter the room.
  • Antique Bookcase - a shelf of scrolls, can be used to enter matches.
  • Painting Deepsea Shrine - a tapestry of the Feaster, can be used to enter the Illusion Hall.
  • Water Reflection - a fancy mirror that allows you to change character/costume
  • Prophecy Table - a wood table with unfurled scrolls, used to view saved matches

Collectible Shop

Once you purchase the phantom castle you will unlock the “1800 Origins” shop. This has all the phantom castle exclusive furniture and cannot be placed in a regular room. This store carries new 4 furniture every day with a 1 purchase limit. This shop’s furniture is obtainable only with echos. Among the items that can be purchased at the exclusive furniture store for the castle are:


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