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After escaping from the asylum, Emil became an object of curiosity for Ada's research, choosing to accept Ada's treatment than face those fragmented and painful memories. Unconditional obedience, protection, dependence... These were his unique ways of forming a bond with his lover.

Emil, also known as the Patient, is a Contain-Type and Difficult 2 Survivor available for purchase after completion of the prologue. He is one of 35 playable Survivors added to Identity V.


He has dark, messy, medium length black hair that obscures his eyes, and his skin has visible bruises and small cuts. He wears an untied straight-jacket, with a large metal collar that braces under his arms, and has visible screws along the shoulders.


Emil is a contain-type survivor who has a Grappling Hook with 3 uses. The grappling hook allows him to latch onto any obstacle, and either wall-jump off in a different direction or climb up, depending on the height of the object and where it was grappled. He rescues the "Psychologist" faster and can dash to her, but will decode slower if on the same Cipher Machine as a female other than Ada.

External Traits

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  • By Hook or By Crook: The Patient fires a Grappling Hook at an obstacle and pulls himself to the obstacle. When hitting the top of a thin obstacle, the Patient can vault over it. If the Patient hits any other part of the obstacle, he kicks it with force and leaps in the direction of the camera.

Character Statistics

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  • Running Speed: 3.8 m/s
  • Walking Speed: 2.11 m/s
  • Crouch Walking Speed: 1.14 m/s
  • Crawling Speed: 0.32 m/s


  • Duration of decoding Cipher Machines: 81.0 sec
  • Regressed decoding progress from electric shock: 1.0%
  • Duration of inability to decode from electric shock: 2.0 sec
  • Time spent opening Exit Gate: 18.0 sec


  • Time spent dropping pallets: 0.73 sec
  • Time spent vaulting over pallets at high speed: 1.17 sec
  • Time spent vaulting over pallets at medium speed: 1.63 sec
  • Time spent vaulting over pallets at low speed: 2.07 sec
  • Time spent vaulting over windows at high speed: 0.87 sec
  • Time spent vaulting over windows at low speed: 1.27 sec
  • Time spent going through chests: 10.0 sec


  • Time spent healing injured Survivors: 15.0 sec
  • Time spent being healed by others: 15.0 sec
  • Self-healing time after knockdown: 30.0 sec


  • Duration of footprint: 4.0 sec
  • Duration of speed boost after being hit: 2.0 sec
  • Duration of struggle while being held up: 16.0 sec
  • Rocket Chair countdown time: 60.0 sec
  • Time spent being rescued from Rocket Chairs: 1.0 sec

Character Background

Deduction Targets

All completed Objectives reward the player with +335 Logic points for the Logic Path. After the character's deductions are completed, their Worn Clothes will be available.

Please press "Expand" to see the deduction path.
Deduction Conclusion
1. Sweet Dream: The first memory of every living creature is the warmth of their mother's womb.
  • Basic Objective: Use Hook 1 time(s)
  • Advanced Objective 1: Use Hook 2 time(s)
  • Advanced Objective 2: Use Hook 3 time(s)
A photograph: A sad couple stands surrounded by three children, the mother holding a newborn in her arms.
2. Pup: Animals will sometimes abandon their weakest young for survival.
  • Basic Objective: Throw a Hook without being interrupted 1 time(s)
  • Advanced Objective 1: Throw a Hook without being interrupted 2 time(s)
  • Advanced Objective 2: Throw a Hook without being interrupted 3 time(s)
A photograph: A dazed-looking woman lies tied to a bed, broken dishes scattered on the ground around her. The youngest son gazes out the door, holding tightly onto his father's finger.
3. New Home: Sheltered from the elements, he feeds on the meager offerings of uncaring handlers.
  • Basic Objective: The Patient uses Sprint 1 time(s)
  • Advanced Objective 1: The Patient uses Sprint 2 time(s)
  • Advanced Objective 2: The Patient uses Sprint 3 time(s)
A diary entry: That new boy only brought home three-pence of change today. I would do better raising a few more hounds than raising this useless brat!
4. Captive: To claim one's territory is not a necessary skill... At least, not for humans.
  • Basic Objective: Use the Hook to vault or leap 1 time(s)
  • Advanced Objective 1: Use the Hook to vault or leap 2 time(s)
  • Advanced Objective 2: Use the Hook to vault or leap 3 time(s)
A diary entry: That damned brat snuck into the pit today, but somehow he made it out alive! Those fool audiences were almost shaking with excitement! Maybe...
5. Struggle: What should I become?
  • Basic Objective: Leap through a window while performing a double jump with the Hook 1 time(s)
  • Advanced Objective 1: Leap through a window while performing a double jump with the Hook 1 time(s)
  • Advanced Objective 2: Leap through a window while performing a double jump with the Hook 2 time(s)
A photograph: A guard holds his bleeding arm as a boy stares at him. His eyes red and body covered in scars, he stares as he gnaws on a piece of bread.
6. Cognition: Forget your once-human identity.
  • Basic Objective: Throw the Hook 30 meters
  • Advanced Objective 1: Throw the Hook 30 meters
  • Advanced Objective 2: Throw the Hook 30 meters
A photograph: A teenager lies sleeping in a kennel, shackles locked around his ankles. A cracked bowl full of a dubious, mushy substance lies beside him.
7. Storm: Wash away the dirt, the filth, the scars...
  • Basic Objective: Launch the Hook 12 meters with one throw
  • Advanced Objective 1: Launch the Hook 12 meters with one throw
  • Advanced Objective 2: Launch the Hook 12 meters with one throw
A patient record: Identity unknown... Age unknown... High fever... Amnesia... Found on White Sand Street.
8. Ada Mesmer: Speak her name aloud, and follow her wherever she may go.
  • Basic Objective: Leap over an obstacle to escape from a Hunter within 5 meters
  • Advanced Objective 1: Leap over an obstacle to escape from a Hunter within 5 meters
  • Advanced Objective 2: Leap over an obstacle to escape from a Hunter within 5 meters
A small note: Ada or pills?
9. Reshape: Every 10th of October is a new beginning.
  • Basic Objective: Rescue the "Psychologist" one time
  • Advanced Objective 1: Rescue the "Psychologist" one time
  • Advanced Objective 2: Rescue the "Psychologist" one time
A diary entry: A strange man came looking for Ada... What could they have spoken about? Ada says it was a good thing... But Ada herself said no one knew about this place.
10. Journey: Only if she wishes it.
  • Basic Objective: Escape through the Exit Gate with the "Psychologist"
  • Advanced Objective 1: Escape through the Exit Gate with the "Psychologist"
  • Advanced Objective 2: Escape through the Exit Gate with the "Psychologist"
A medical record: A book full of diagnoses and medical notes. Many things have been kept inside. A rusty wire ring is taped to the back.

Character Backstory and Lore

  • The Deduction Quests give fragments of backstory, and were compiled into a conclusion under Theories.
  • See the Ten-Day Memories event for more information on his backstory.

Official Weibo Background

The following was translated from the Weibo post[1] into English by the community:

At the age of 25, Ada Mesmer, a psychologist by profession, became obsessed with hypnotherapy — the ability to hypnotize patients with the help of autosuggestion and special influences to rid them of pain, fear and other negative emotions. However, the subjects could not stand it and did not react to her hypnosis in any way. Having failed time after time, she gave up hypnotherapy and decided to devote herself to other studies.

A few years later, while working temporarily in the White Sand Street Asylum, Ada met Emil, a patient suffering from amnesia. He was silent, mysterious, but most importantly, he reacted perfectly to her hypnosis. Gradually, Ada became attached to Emil, becoming more and more convinced that he was the perfect experiment for her. When the term of the employment contract with the psychiatric hospital came to an end, Ada realized that she had feelings for Emil, and she decided to help him escape.

Suffering from constant fever and headaches, Emil lost most of his memory. After Ada helped Emil escape from the hospital, he managed to recover a little — some normal emotional reactions for a person returned to normal, and with them vague memories returned: "I remember how I was forcibly held, tied up, locked in a cage. The sky was like dust, there were ferocious dogs everywhere and countless people uttering crazy cheers in greeting..."

Ada's research continues, and now a perverted, but sincere love connects her with Emil. Ada took Emil with her and used him to continue experiments with hypnosis. She firmly believes that Emil, suffering from amnesia, needs treatment, and only she can save him. Although sometimes life with Ada causes Emil pain, it also makes him feel happy. Perfect obedience, dependence and the desire to protect Ada are for him a true 'proof of love' for her.

Official Website Backstory

No one knows Emil's past. When they looked at him, most people just saw a poor tramp living in the street. A high fever robbed him of most of his memories, and when he regained consciousness, he found himself in an insane asylum. Emil endured much suffering there, but he remained obedient. Through injections, restraints, and electric shock therapy... he was always the most silent among all the asylum's patients.

In the asylum, the amnesiac Emil appeared more taciturn and calm than others. He then met Ada, who entered the asylum to practice medicine. She soon decided to take him away, gradually helping him recover some of his normal emotional reactions and actions. But he would still often recall his days in the asylum—those vague memories of being imprisoned, bound, and unable to move. Dust flew through the stifling air, and countless faces cheered wildly all around him. Since then, whenever he was strapped to a chair or hospital bed, he became anxious and instinctively panicked.

Emil could not remember his identity, but he knew that Ada was different from others, different for him. Ada treated him as a personal possession, to be taken with her as she pleased. Though somewhat twisted, their feelings are sincere. Ada doesn't care about Emil's forgotten past, and Emil also accepts Ada's 'treatment.' After all, for Emil, Ada's treatment feels more like love and care than the pain he received in those fragmented memories.[2]

Time of Reunion Trailer[3]

  • Psychology test results:
    • Test marks: Memory gaps, Shackles (Stiffness), Emotional disintegration
    • Test tendency: Undefined test subject

Background Check

No one knows Emil's past...


The below article or section(s) contains speculation, analysis, or theories which may include unconfirmed information.

When adding content, use references to link or explain legitimate/official supportive evidence for specific theories, otherwise it may be removed.

Conclusion from Deductions

Emil was born the 'runt' of four children to a dysfunctional family. His mother struggled with her mental health, resulting in her breaking the dishes and having to be tied to a bed in the middle of her episodes. The family was too poor to take care of their children, so they gave Emil up to a man who owned dozens of hounds for the purpose of participating in a decently popular dog-fighting pit. He often berated Emil for not bringing home enough money from begging to keep them afloat, simultaneously neglecting his needs. He did not supervise Emil during play, which led to the curious boy hopping into the pit while a fight was underway. The dogs attacked, striking Emil within an inch of his life and traumatizing him in the process. Seeing as the audience enjoyed the bloodshed, Emil's new guardian took sadistic pleasure in re-traumatizing him, chaining him inside of a kennel with nothing but mush in a dog's bowl to eat and strapping him to a cage in the middle of the pit.

Emil's tattered memory went from unreliable to non-existent. He was admitted to the White Sand Street Asylum, his records stating that he suffered from amnesia, manic fits and severe aggressive tendencies. The dog-fighting pit's emblem sewn onto a strip of fabric was the only clue Emil had as to who he was supposed to be.[4]

Having been exposed to more dogs than people in his lifetime, Emil subconsciously developed multiple dog-like traits. He bit a guard's arm and drew blood upon feeling threatened, which landed him in one of the 'cages'— solitary confinement chambers reserved for patients with dangerous conditions. There, he was subjected to frequent and torturous sessions of electroshock therapy. Emil was also force-fed a dangerous amount of sedatives in either pill or liquid form, causing serious damage to his nervous system. His nerves were so overwhelmed by the sedatives that he couldn't sense his own pain, even as the electricity destroyed him from the inside. He did not resist treatment. Emil would smile cheerfully at the doctors while he underwent the gut-wrenching procedure, blissfully unaware of what was happening to him.[5]

Ada Mesmer arrived at the asylum for temporary employment, taking interest in Emil's file after witnessing his reaction to electroshock therapy and later requesting to administer his treatments herself. Ada instantly gained the lonely Emil's trust, as her empathetic presence became memorable to him; Emil had never been shown such compassion before, and he was unsure how to interpret it. Knowing that the sedatives were hurting him, Ada decided to lower his dosage, which would allow him to be conscious, but would also significantly increase the level of pain he would have to endure. The following day, he cried out and convulsed as he was met with excruciating pain, baring his teeth at Ada in a panicked state. Ada was the only doctor on duty at the time, so she blew her whistle for help, but quickly discovered that the whistle served as a tranquilizer for Emil. Emil settled down, and his pain disappeared, hypnotized. Fascinated by the concept of hypnotherapy to rid patients of their pain and thrilled to have found somebody that was susceptible to hypnosis, she devoted herself to Emil's cause.

Ada was consumed by the guilt that stemmed from her exacerbation of Emil's pain. She confessed that it had been her who lowered his dosage, explaining to Emil that she had wanted him to think for himself. Ada wrote him a note, asking him whether he'd prefer 'Ada or medicine?'. Emil chose 'Ada'; he could accept pain as part of his treatment plan if it meant that he'd get to be with Ada. He was fully dependent on Ada and idolized her, believing that she alone could remedy his predicament. Ada took this extraordinary display of dependency as proof of Emil's love; she had fallen in love with her patient, and Emil had fallen in love with Ada, who had given him his first taste of humanity. He wrote positively of their interactions in his diary, limited in vocabulary due to his lack of education but determined to express what was in his heart.

Approaching the end of her contract, Ada visited Emil’s ‘cage’ and told him that she had three days left until she would have to leave. She decided to help Emil escape to a better place, promising that they would always be together. Emil fashioned a ring out of a rusty piece of metal and gave it to her in return for the flower she'd picked outside for him, much to Ada's delight. The drive to their new ‘home’ took several hours. They bought cakes, medicine, books and food, picking flowers from the forest behind their house to put inside of a bottle for the table. Ada encouraged Emil to socialize in an attempt to improve his spoken language development.

Ada continued to provide hypnotherapy for Emil. The sessions worked wonderfully, and Ada had never had more hope that she’d be able to ‘unlock’ Emil’s past and free him from its grasp. He had grown capable of describing multiple flashbacks of his, which Ada could analyze easier as they had reached a newfound transparency. Unfortunately, their progress stagnated, and Emil's pain reappeared unexpectedly, his memory suddenly deteriorating. It was a tragic setback that Ada had not prepared for. Terrified that she would lose her one and only love, she announced to Emil that they would depart at once for 'paradise'; Ada lacked resources alone, so she made a deal with an old acquaintance to find a cure at the manor.[6] When Emil tries too hard to remember his past, his painful episodes flare up, holding onto his aching head for dear life... But he is truly satisfied beside Ada, as is evidenced by his faithfulness to Ada and her experiments.

Connection to other Characters

  • He is directly correlated with Ada Mesmer.


  • He was one of the playable characters that was announced in the Time of Reunion Trailer.
    • From the translated document:
      • He is skilled in Climbing, Sports
  • Similarly to Lucky Guy, While his age is unknown, it can be assumed that he is at least 21 years old, as evident by how he is able to drink the Barmaid's mixes during matches unlike the Coordinator or the Mind's Eye.
  • He was released to Test Servers on July 23rd and to the Illusion Hall on August 11th 2021
  • He and "Psychologist" are the first pair of playable characters together that are canonically a couple (Excluding the playable characters who have confirmed lovers that are not playable.) and the first two survivors to be released at the same time, not including the initial release survivors.



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