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The Phantom Castle is an A-Tier Room and Custom Lobby that players can use as a preparation area between games. It can be purchased from the Illusion Hall and was released May 10, 2019. A private store with exclusive furniture becomes available after obtaining this room.


The room itself is a large gothic-style interior with stone walls and tile flooring as well as steep archways and arched windows. The layout of the room is a staircase with a narrow hallway that opens up to a large sqaure room with a raised section. The raised section has bannisters with small gargoyles, and a red carpet is at its base. There are tall stone pillars, and an indent opposite the staircase which holds a large unlit fireplace. Different pets can be linked to certain areas of the room, where they will sit.


Once this room is owned, a butler will accompany the player to matches before each game starts. As a survivor, the butler is a tall, gray-haired man who stands behind your chair holding a silver platter. As a hunter, the butler is hunched and undead with purple skin and a loose jaw who brings a platter of wines to the table.

Any player part of the match can click on the platter and see the owner's room picture.

Exclusive Items

Upon purchase, the room will come with a few pieces of furniture exclusive to the Phantom Castle:

  • Coffin-shaped bookshelf, can be used to enter matches.
  • A large Organ with golden edges, can be used to alter the room.
  • A highbacked ornate wooden chair, can be used to enter the Logic Path.

Collectible Shop

Once you purchase the phantom castle you will unlock the “1800 Origins” shop. This has all the phantom castle exclusive furniture and cannot be placed in a regular room. This store carries new 4 furniture every day with a 1 purchase limit. This shop’s furniture is obtainable only with echos. Among the items that can be purchased at the exclusive furniture store for the castle are:


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