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In Joseph's eyes, every photo is a mark in time.

Joseph Desaulniers, also known as the Photographer, is a hunter available for purchase after completion of the prologue. He is one of the 18 playable hunters added to Identity V.


Joseph was forced to leave France and move to England with his parents. The pain of losing his twin brother caused Joseph to become absorbed with art. He hoped to save the live images of those people and objects to liven up his pictures. Joseph has become obsessed with parapsychology and hopes to make some interesting modifications to his camera. He started to tell his closest friends that he had found a way to capture souls in pictures. No one took him seriously, but then they started to notice that everyone whose picture was taken by Joseph disappeared one after another. When a panic-stricken mob forced their way into Joseph's residence, Joseph was nowhere to be seen. On the wall of his studio, however, were all kinds of lifelike portraits of people that seemed to be looking right at them.


Joseph has regular speed and a unique hitbox that can hit a survivor with a range of 180º. In the Camera World, if Joseph hits a survivor once, they'll receive a 0.5 damage; if he incapacitates a survivor, they'll receive one damage; if he put the survivor in a Rocket Chair, they'll be incapacitated. Every time the Camera World ends, all cipher machines' decoding progress will be cut in half.


  • Recorded Moment: While the Camera World is active, Joseph can use this ability to enter and/or exit in it. It takes 1000 points to be unlocked.
  • Time Jump: After this ability unlocked, Joseph records the path where he did pass in the last 15 seconds. He can return to any point in the path with this skill.

External Traits

  • Camera World: "After Joseph takes a photo with his camera, he can replicate the survivors and environment from that moment and create a static Camera World. After the Camera World collapses, half of the changes made within it will be projected onto the real world, and there will be a cooldown during which the camera cannot be used. Joseph can enter the Camera World at will to find the person from the photo and place them upon a rocket chair. While in the static Camera World, survivors cannot escape to the manor or be sent back there from rocket chairs; similarly, survivors in the real world can enter the Camera World through recorded images. Survivors who do this can decode cipher machines for progress but cannot decode them completely. Those in the Camera World will not apply team buffs or debuffs to survivors"[1]
  • Spacetime: "Grants the power of two spacetimes. Regular attacks deal 1.5x the damage"[1]

Deduction Targets

All completed Objectives reward the player with +335 Logic points for the Logic Path.

Please press "Expand" to see the deduction path.

Deduction Conclusion
Going Against: Trying to go back to the past is always difficult.
    • Basic Objective: Vault through 2 windows
    • Advanced Objective 1: Vault through 3 windows
    • Advanced Objective 2: Vault through 4 windows
Damaged Clipping: From the King... In light of the mutual trust and reciprocal love between the sovereign and his subjects, effective remedies for the country's malaise should be provided as soon as possible... Ensure public happiness to rediscover the peace and tranquillity that we have long been deprived of. The national conference will be held in the... palace.
Revolution: They howled, and their torches lit up the sky.
    • Basic Objective: Hit Survivors with a charged attack 1 time
    • Advanced Objective 1: Hit Survivors with a charged attack 1 time
    • Advanced Objective 2: Hit Survivors with a charged attack 2 times
Diary 1: We all love a fireplace in winter when the fire is bright and warm. But when it wreaks havoc on the streets, we realise that what's common in life can turn into something completely different.
Memories: The most alarming of all is oblivion and destruction.
    • Basic Objective: Trample 1 pallet
    • Advanced Objective 1: Trample 2 pallets
    • Advanced Objective 2: Trample 3 pallets
Damaged Portrait: A pair of smiling twin brothers standing in the middle of the young couple.
Exile: We are here because of the will of the people, and we will only be driven away by the bayonet.
    • Basic Objective: Activate Camera 1 time
    • Advanced Objective 1: Activate Camera 2 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Activate Camera 3 times
Diary 2: Claude coughed so much that he could hardly sleep. Father said to wait for just another month and we would arrive.
Loss: I want him to come back.
    • Basic Objective: Enter Camera World 2 times
    • Advanced Objective 1: Enter Camera World 3 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Enter Camera World 4 times
Perfect Portrait: An expressionless young man standing in the middle of a middle-aged couple.
Dark Box: It can project the scenery outside the box into the box, forming a reverse image with opposite sides.
    • Basic Objective: Hit Survivors in Camera World 3 times
    • Advanced Objective 1: Hit Survivors in Camera World 4 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Hit Survivors in Camera World 5 times
Diary 3: Beautiful but fleeting. Even the most advanced painting techniques cannot perfectly reproduce the scene from the Black Box. Perhaps this is the limit of humans. Claude, my end is very much like yours.
Rumor: "Not knowing" is much scarier than "terrible".
    • Basic Objective: Utilise projection to cause 1 Survivor to become incapacitated when the Camera World merges with reality.
    • Advanced Objective 1: Utilise projection to cause 2 Survivors to become incapacitated when the Camera World merges with reality.
    • Advanced Objective 2: Utilise projection to cause 3 Survivors to become incapacitated when the Camera World merges with reality.
Diary 4: The maids and workers have recently become strange. It seems that they're whispering about something and more of them are taking sick leave. Lacking help from others, the experiment had to be put on hold because of the uncontrollable shaking of both my hands and feet. Claude, I can sense the approach of old age.
Corrode: Light is the best brush.
    • Basic Objective: Place 1 Survivor on a rocket chair in Camera World.
    • Advanced Objective 1: Place 2 Survivors on a rocket chair in Camera World.
    • Advanced Objective 2: Place 3 Survivors on a rocket chair in Camera World.
Damaged Lab Notes:... Silver nitrate can be replaced by silver chloride. The paper coated with silver chloride should be continuously placed in the dark box... Blur... Asphalt...
Develop: This reveals things that are not visible to the naked eye.
    • Basic Objective: Use Time Jump to go back in time and hit Survivors 1 time
    • Advanced Objective 1: Use Time Jump to go back in time and hit Survivors 2 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Use Time Jump to go back in time and hit Survivors 3 times
Damaged Lab Notes 2:... The fumigation effect of mercury vapor is unexpected. Even ordinary workers can do the same...
Fear: It drives us crazy.
    • Basic Objective: Hit Survivors after switching the world 3 times
    • Advanced Objective 1: Hit Survivors after switching the world 5 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Hit Survivors after switching the world 7 times
Damaged Clipping:... Joseph Desaulniers... is missing. Workers and maids claim that the mansion was cursed by the missing old man.

After deducing Objective 10: Fear, Photographer's Worn Clothes costume will be unlocked.

Appearance Decoration




Basic Accessories
Special Accessories



Note: This only lists exclusive graffiti. Basic graffiti that can be used by any character can be found here.


Standby Motions


  • He is of French descent, born into a family of French aristocrats.
    • The hunter Bloody Queen, Mary, is also from France, but the two are from different eras. The life period of the real queen Mary is based off of died (Marie Antoinette of France was executed in 1793[2]) long before Joseph's beloved camera was invented.
  • The camera which Joseph most likely uses (and was the first working camera type) is from 1837, which uses a process called "daguerreotype." [3]
  • Joseph is based on Joseph Nicéphore Niépce [4], a French inventor credited with creating photography. The first permanent photograph of a camera image was made by him in 1825, but he died in 1833 - before the first consistently working camera was created by his friend Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre [5].
  • Joseph and Yidhra are the only hunters unavailable in the Violent Struggle (Duo Hunters) mode.
  • Joseph is left-handed.
  • Joseph is one of the few hunters with a known surname, along with Bane Perez, Burke Lapadura and Leo Beck.
  • Joseph's Character Day is March 11th.
  • In 2020, players were shown an undelivered letter he wrote to his dead brother. His twin brother's name is Claude.
  • Likes: Autumn, silverware. Dislikes: Damp objects, summer.
  • For the voting of the deduction star 2020, Joseph's quotes are "Take a photo and I can have its most beautiful disposition.", "Can I take a photo of you, beautiful lady?", and "Photos can make memorable things last forever."




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