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In Oletus Manor, there is a hidden bookcase filled with diaries written by its game participants. According to some of their writings and Orpheus' deductions, these diaries are mandatory while participating in the game. This bookshelf of diaries is also how players start a new game.

Characters with Released Diaries


As a player, "Read Diary" is the prompt that appears when approaching the bookshelf in the center of the main Lobby. When you click on the bookshelf a few options become available, allowing the player to start an actual match or access event information.

Diary Deduction (Quick Match)

Players can start a match at any time and be paired with 4 other players. Survivors can team up with friends or choose to be paired randomly with 3 other teammates. Hunters can only choose this option when solo. Players can use this mode to complete deduction quests.


This takes up the top portion of the menu, which can be clicked on to participate in Ranked Matches. Rank Matches are only available during three specifc times of day, for a 2-hour-long period each time.

To the top left will be two animal statues representing you current ranking on the Tiers hierarchy. One animal will represent your Survivor Rank, while the other animal will represent your Hunter Rank.


Clicking this option will take the player to a list of current/ongoing events and what they can do to participate in to earn rewards. The Event Store can be accessed after going to this sub-menu, then clicking on the top-right icon.

Violent Struggle

This is a submenu that contains two different minigames, Duo Hunters and Blackjack.

Custom Script

This option allows players to create a practice match by themselves or with friends. Deduction quests cannot be completed in these games.

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