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The circus has two types of clowns, the smiling clown who brings joy and the crying clown who drowns in sadness. Joker was tired of his role, so he gave himself a perpetual smiley face.

Smiley Face, also known as Joker is a Hunter of Identity V. He is one of the 18 playable hunters added to Identity V.


Smiley Face is a muscular man with a clown outfit. He has red clown-hair and wears a black top hat with a red strip, he wears a white clown mask with black eyes, a red nose and a smiley. In his face, he use clown make up, with pale color, red nose and red lipstick. Joker wears a black jacket with red and black strips in the arms, black gloves, blue pants, black shoes and a red scarf above the shoulders. He uses a prosthesis where his right leg should be. Joker wears a brown leather bag in the belt.


Joker was once the star of the circus. His naturally sullen face made him the best crying clown. However, the advantage changed when the handsome smile clown Segi and the glamorous acrobat and actress Natalie joined the circus, and Joker realized it's time for him to change his "professional track". Obviously, after getting his eternal smile, Joker can go nuts in new comedy shows. He was invited by the Manor's owner to participate in the game. In Orpheus' discovery in the game, Joker was the Hunter against Servais Le Roy, Lucky Guy and an unknown survivor. He hunted successfully Magician and the other survivor, but Lucky Guy managed to escape, making Joker upset.



  • Rocket Dash: Brandishing a rocket, the Smiley Face dashes forward quickly and destroys all targets in his way. —— "Go nuts, my rocket friend!". It takes 1000 points to be unlocked.
  • Crazed Dash: After multiple intimate collaborations, Smiley Face can dash farther and faster with the rocket. —— "Go nuts, my rocket friend!". It takes 2500 points to be unlocked.

External Traits

  • Rocket Modification: Smiley Face can collect parts scattered around the map to modify his weapon. The modification can be used for an attack or a Rocket Dash. 1. Wind Wings: Increases Attack and Rocket Dash speed; 2. Drill: A survivor hit by a basic attack or a skill suffers increased recovery time; 3. Propeller: Adds a long-lasting Rocket Dash effect, but as the weight is increased, dash speed is reduced slightly.

Deduction Target

All completed objectives reward the player with +335 Logic points for the Logic Path.

Please press "Expand" to see the deduction path.

Deduction Conclusion
Heatbeat: Listen hard and you will hear them.
  • Basic Objective: Discover Survivors using Listen 1 time
  • Advanced Objective 1: Discover Survivors using Listen 2 times
  • Advanced Objective 2: Discover Survivors using Listen 3 times
Smiley Face Polka is my favourite. He reminds me of those blissful days at the circus.
Her "Pet": How cute! I don't care if it's an it or a she.
  • Basic Objective: Use Patroller to Bite Survivors 1 time
  • Advanced Objective 1: Use Patroller to Bite Survivors 2 times
  • Advanced Objective 2: Use Patroller to Bite Survivors 3 times
A photo: The female animal trainer is standing in front of a lion and is holding a pair of leather boots.
Her "Lover": They look like...A perfect match.
  • Basic Objective: Pick up 4 parts
  • Advanced Objective 1: Pick up 5 parts
  • Advanced Objective 2: Pick up 6 parts
A photo: An intimate photo of the female trainer and the happy Smiley Face at the circus. In the background, a man is crying in the corner.
The Audience: They are fickle and volatile, forever searching for the newest, most exciting show.
  • Basic Objective: Hit Survivors with Rocket Dash 1 time
  • Advanced Objective 1: Hit Survivors with Rocket Dash 2 times
  • Advanced Objective 2: Hit Survivors with Rocket Dash 3 times
Diary: A crying Smiley Face will never become the leading role of the parody. It doesn't matter how tragic the act; if it has been played ten times it will seem foolish.
Curtain Call: The best performers know how to properly end a show.
  • Basic Objective: Wound Survivors 3 times
  • Advanced Objective 1: Wound Survivors 5 times
  • Advanced Objective 2: Wound Survivors 7 times
Smiley Face trades his own humiliation or his companion's for the spectator's joy. This inspires that innermost, dark part of his soul.
Laughter: Smiley Face tried his best to make the audience laugh but forgot to smile himself.
  • Basic Objective: Trample 1 Pallet
  • Advanced Objective 1: Trample 3 Pallets
  • Advanced Objective 2: Trample 5 Pallets
Laugh, Smiley Face, laugh! Even if your heart is shattered, even if your love can't be reciprocated.
Her "Warden": A truth discovered by accident is the one that makes one tremble most.
  • Basic Objective: Terror Shock Survivors 1 time
  • Advanced Objective 1: Terror Shock Survivors 1 time
  • Advanced Objective 2: Terror Shock Survivors 2 times
Diary: Poor Natalie, her back is covered in scars... I need to have a talk with that fiend! He must stop this.
Cost of Love: There's a price for every action we take.
  • Basic Objective: Hit Survivors with Modified Rocket Dash 1 time
  • Advanced Objective 1: Hit Survivors with Modified Rocket Dash 2 times
  • Advanced Objective 2: Hit Survivors with Modified Rocket Dash 3 times
Newspaper clipping: Mysterious fire at the circus! The famous comedian had an accident at his lounge and his face was badly burnt and will no longer be able to continue playing the role of a sad clown.
Joke: Not every joke is funny.
  • Basic Objective: Teleport and hit Survivors 1 time
  • Advanced Objective 1: Teleport and hit Survivors 1 time
  • Advanced Objective 2: Teleport and hit Survivors 2 times
Diary: She left, and she didn't even bring any of her "pets". I should've known. You're as stupid as a joke.
New Face: People often say that there is nothing new if the old remains.
  • Basic Objective: Knock down 1 Survivor while Detention is active
  • Advanced Objective 1: Knock down 1 Survivor while Detention is active
  • Advanced Objective 2: Knock down 2 Survivors while Detention is active
Thank you, this face is suitable.

After deducing Objective 10: New Face, Smiley Face's Worn Clothes costume will be unlocked.

Appearance Decoration




Non-exclusive accessories that can be worn by any hunter can be found here.

Special Accessories





Note: Basic graffiti that can be used by any character can be found here.

Standby Motion



  • Smiley Face is the cheapest hunter in the game.
  • In early concepts of the game, Smiley Face used a chainsaw as a weapon. He also didn't use his mask in the original skin, looking like his Worn Clothes' skin. However, with the change of the game for a less-bloodier version, his weapon was replaced to a rocket and he had some visual changes.
  • Joker and Hell Ember are the only hunters who appeared in the game cutscenes.
  • He is obviously inspired by the Evil Clown concept.
  • It is possible that Joker is connected to the map Moonlit River Park.
  • Joker is one of the few hunters to have a survivor connected to his past (Mike Morton and Margaretha Zelle), the other being Leo (with Emma Woods and Freddy Riley)
  • There is a pet for survivors based on him, Mini Smiley Face.
  • On his Character Day on August 4, 2020, players would receive a letter for completing the events.
  • He likes Natalie and chainsaws, and dislikes Jocks and weaklings.
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