"Survivor" gamemode picture.

Survivor is one of the two playable factions in Identity V. In regular matches, there are 4 survivors tasked with the goal of decoding 5 cipher machines in order to open the exit gate and escape from the Hunter



Survivors can move around the map in 3 ways, running, walking and crawling, with each movement option catering to the situation the player is in (e.g. crawling allows players to hide). In addition to crawling, survivors may hide in lockers scattered around the map, though it is a risky hiding spot as survivors will be tied to balloons immediately upon discovery by the hunter.

As stated above, survivors are tasked with the goal of fully decoding a total of 5 cipher machines out of the 7 machines scattered around the map and escaping the map. A player's decoding speed depends on the selected survivor and additional persona traits. While decoding, calibrations will randomly pop up, with players needing to calibrate them successfully or else an electric shock will trigger, lowering decoding progress and notifying the hunter of the cipher machine's location. Once all cipher machines have been successfully decoded, an alarm will sound signifying players are able to open the exit gate.

There are two ways to escape the map; via the exit gate or the dungeon. As stated above, players are able to open the exit gate and escape once all 5 cipher machines are decoded. The dungeon spawns randomly on the map once 2 cipher machines have been decoded, and will only open when there is one survivor left in the match.

Players may encounter the hunter during a match, and will need to utilise the environment to their advantage to contain ("kite") the hunter. Depending on the current map, players can use special elements to their advantage (e.g. the tram in Eversleeping Town and the collapsible brick walls in Red Church). All maps will have pallets and windows across the map in fixed locations. Survivors may vault windows to quickly pass through walls. The pallets allow players to stun the hunter when slamming them down, and allows another vaulting location for the survivor, though they are able to be broken by the hunter.

If caught by the hunter, they may be taken to a rocket chair, and may struggle in their balloons during this process. If constrained in a chair, a countdown will occur and teammates must rescue you before it has finished or face death. Survivors may also die if they bleed out from being incapacitated too long.

Each survivor has a unique item (excluding Lucky Guy) at the start of the match, which they may use to fulfil different purposes. Many survivors may swap their item with another when items are dropped on the ground. Items are dropped by opening chests around the map or when a teammate dies. Only certain survivors are able to swap and drop items, however.

Duo Hunters

In this mode, there are 8 survivors in one team versus two hunters. Survivors will now have to decode 7 cipher machines and may carry two items, obtained from either chests, a teammate's death, or through telephones (see below) located around the map. When caught by hunters their first time, a temporary period in which they cannot be rescued will take place; this will not affect the countdown till death. The death countdown is also significantly faster in this mode to balance the fact there are 8 survivors.

During the match, players will obtain a currency depending on the points they gain. Players may obtain points through special actions (e.g. healing, decoding, rescuing, etc.) The currency may be used to purchase items from the telephones across the map; when called on the players will encounter an interface where they can select the item they want and may purchase pills that will give players a boost for the rest of the match.

Escaping methods are the same as stated above, though players may open the dungeon by purchasing a crowbar from the telephones and latching the dungeon open. Dungeons also spawn after 3 ciphers have been decoded.


There are 5 survivors in this mode, though one survivor will temporarily become a hunter if they have the highest value of cards for the round. This mode puts survivors against each other, with each survivor tasked with getting the value of 21 points or being the last one standing.

Survivors may decode cipher machines to obtain chips, which can be used to purchase power-up cards from the store GUI. These cards are primarily used to hinder others, and are mainly used on the "Blackjack".

Survivor's items are significantly weaker in this mode and replenish each round. Survivors are also weaker, with only one hit required to incapacitate someone. While incapacitated, the survivor has unlimited self-heals and healing speed is much faster.

At the start of each round, survivors are given a random card to their deck, with its value adding to the player's points. Also, if incapacitated, hunters may force the survivor to draw a card from their deck, automatically ending the current round. If a survivor has points over 21 at the end of a round, they are eliminated.

Once a player has reached 21 points, a new round begins. It is significantly shorter than others, with a total time of 60 seconds. If the survivor has maintained their 21 points through till the end of the round, they become the victor of the match.

If there are only 2 players left in the match, the player with the highest value will become the hunter. The two will face off, and the person with the most points under 21 will win.

List of Survivors

Character Name Rumor Price
Emily Dyer-0 Emily Dyer
The Doctor
Kindness alone won't help you survive in this crazy world. Not all patients receive proper care and not all doctors possess a benevolent heart. N/A (obtained after completion of the prologue)
Freddy Riley Freddy Riley
The Lawyer
Even after losing that disgraceful lawsuit, Freddy still firmly believes the purpose of law is not to permit an act, but to prevent one. What else is forbidden? N/A (obtained after completion of the prologue)
210px-Kreacher Pierson Kreacher Pierson
The Thief
After handing over control of the orphanage on White Sand Street to the Church, Kreacher hasn't indulged in extravagance. His thoughts have since been preoccupied on whether he should try to help more children, but perhaps it's time others help foot the bill. N/A (obtained after completion of the prologue)
Emma Woods Emma Woods
The Gardener
Her amazing gardening skills serve only her dearest scarecrow. What's wrong with decorating your dream lover when you have the money? N/A (obtained after completion of the prologue)
Lucky Lucky Guy No one knows how many people have taken part in this game; we know that he played the game. N/A (obtained after completion of the prologue)
New servais Servais Le Roy
The Magician
This magician, who specializes in disappearing magic acts, is not popular among the masses. Perhaps in Oletus Manor, the home to countless famous artists, he can find some inspiration for his act. 488 (Echoes)
1,988 (Clues)
Kurt Frank Kurt Frank
The Explorer
He once sailed across the English Channel, flew over forests in a hot air balloon, and visited countless wondrous countries... Kurt Frank's life is as exciting as a travel novel! 388 (Echoes)
1,468 (Clues)
Naib Naib Subedar
The Mercenary
As a retired mercenary, Naib Subedar is used to a life full of risks. Can this dangeous [sic] game give him the same experience as battlefields did? 588 (Echoes)
3,048 (Clues)
Martha Martha Behamfil
The Coordinator
Sick and tired of being grounded and doing the same old thing day in day out, Martha wants to pilot her own plane. Perhaps by winning this game she will be able to fulfill her wish. 688 (Echoes)
3,568 (Clues)
Note: players may also obtain Martha by purchasing echoes for the first time.
Tracy Reznik Tracy Reznik
The Mechanic
Although a handsome reward was promised in the invitation letter, it was the secret gadgets in the manor that truly attracted Tracy. A mechanic needs inspiration more than money! 688(Echoes)
3,568 (Clues)
Forward William Ellis
The Forward
Rugby is attracting attention, but William Ellis, who claims to be the founder of this emerging sport, is being forgotten. Maybe the owner of Oletus Manor can offer him some help? 688 (Echoes)
3,568 (Clues)
310px-Helena Adam Helena Adams
The Mind's Eye
Although Helena lost her vision due [sic] a disease, she can still perceive the outside world through hearing. In this game, she firmly grasps her cane, seeking a way to victory. 688 (Echoes)
3,568 (Clues)
Note: players could have also obtained Helena by receiving the Golden Cake costume in the Season 1 Essence 3. However, as of Season 1's completion, obtaining Helena this way is no longer available.
Priestess Transparent Fiona Gilman
The Priestess
Fiona Gilman is a mystic, who claims that a spirit guided her to Oletus Manor. But no one takes her seriously. 688 (Echoes)
3,568 (Clues)
Note: players could have also obtained Fiona by receiving the Golden Future costume in the Season 1 Essence 4. However, as of Season 1's completion, obtaining Fiona this way is no longer available.
Perfumer Transparent Vera Nair
The Perfumer
This unique fragrance, 'Euphoria' was inspired by a mysterious formula from the black market, but the perfume has not yet been perfected, so she came to the manor in search of the formula's source. 688 (Echoes)
3,568 (Clues)
Note: players could have also obtained Vera by receiving the Madame Coral costume in the Season 1 Essence 6. However, as of Season 1's completion, obtaining Vera this way is no longer available.
Cowboy Transparent Kevin Alonso
The Cowboy
An adventurous cowboy from the Americas. He lived together with the mysterious native Americans where he perfected the art of using a lasso. 688 (Echoes)
3,568 (Clues)
Note: players could have also obtained Kevin by receiving the King's Tailor costume in the Season 2 Essence 1. However, as of Season 2's completion, obtaining Kevin this way is no longer available.
Margaretha Margaretha Zelle
The Dancer
Since she and her estranged husband divorced, Margaretha, without a stable source of income, has developed a new understanding of "freedom". How could she pass up an opportunity to become a millionaire? 688 (Echoes)
3,568 (Clues)
Note: players could have also obtained Margaretha by receiving the Animal Tamer costume in the Season 2 Essence 3. However, as of Season 2's completion, obtaining Margaretha this way is no longer available.
Eli yas Eli Clark
The Seer
Eli Clark is a Seer possessing the Great Eye, and this mysterious ability is obviously related to his trusted owl who accompanies him. 688 (Echoes)
3,568 (Clues)
Note: players could have also obtained Eli by receiving the Night Owl costume in the Season 3 Essence 1. However, as of Season 3's completion, obtaining Eli this way is no longer available.
Aesop larger Aesop Carl
The Embalmer
Life's journey always ends in a similar way, and, in most people's dreams Aesop Carl is the person who helps them with their final journey. He strictly adheres to procedure and gives the greatest respect for those travelers who have come to their final stop. 688 (Echoes)
3,568 (Clues)
Note: players could have also obtained Aesop by receiving the Exorcist costume in the Season 3 Essence 3. However, as of Season 3's completion, obtaining Aesop this way is no longer available.
Screenshot 2019-02-19 at 1.02.00 PM Norton Campbell
The Prospector
After surviving a terrible mining accident, Norton Campbell became even more reserved and gloomy. With the meteorite magnet obtained from the accident, he changed his profession and became a geological surveyor to avoid entering the darkness of the mine. 688 (Echoes)
3,568 (Clues)
Note: players could also obtain Norton by receiving the Soul Catcher costume in the Season 5 Essence 1. However, as of Season 3's completion, obtaining Aesop this way is no longer available.
Patricia Dorval
Patricia Dorval
The Enchantress
Patricia Dorval, who has a curse hidden in her blood, has brought endless pain and great power to herself. She believes that to wear a crown is to bear its weight. 688 (Echoes)
3,568 (Clues)
The Wildling
After experiencing betrayals and struggles Murro decided to give up trying to fit into so-called civilized society. Perhaps the Oletus Manor would be his ultimate destination? 688 (Echoes)
3,568 (Clues)
Mike Morton
The Acrobat
TBA 688 (Echoes)
3,568 (Clues)
200px-Jose Baden FP
Jose Baden
The First Officer
In order to find the whereabouts of his loved ones and restore his family's reputation, the sea knight, Jose Baden decided to enter the cursed Oletus Manor. This time, will his magical pocket watch assure smooth sailing? 688 (Echoes)
3,568 (Clues)
Demi Bourbon
The Barmaid
A sunny girl who can make miracle-like Dovlin has come to the manor in search of her missing brother. 688 (Echoes)
3,568 (Clues)


  • Lucky Guy, Emily, Freddy, Kreacher and Emma are the default survivors in the game.
  • The general price of survivors are 688 echoes or 3,568 clues. The only survivors that don't cost this price are Servais, Kurt and Naib.
  • In a cutscene during the prologue, a survivor who looks similar to Lucky Guy made an appearance, but was caught by the Joker and never appeared again in the game.
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