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The syringe is an item carried by the Doctor and that can be found in chests or can be dropped by Emily Dyer when she is eliminated or swaps her item for something else. Players may also purchase the syringe from telephone booths in the Duo Hunters mode for the price of 1000 points.


The syringe is made of glass and metal and is designed to look like syringes from the 19th century. There is a sign of the Red Cross embedded in the glass and it is filled with an unknown red liquid.


When the Doctor is injured, she is able to use her syringe to heal herself. Due to her "Med Elite" external trait, she can heal herself 20% faster. Emily can still use her syringe to self-heal 0.5 damage. This item can be found in the chest by other players and they can heal themselves as well. However, different from the Doctor, the syringe can be found in the chest is limited and other survivors excluding the Doctor can't heal 0.5 damage. In Duo Hunters Mode, this item is best paired with the Anti-Bleeding Pill. It is sufficient to heal 2 damage for normal characters, 1 damage for Enchantress and Perfumer, and 2-0 damage for Mercenary, depending on how many stacks of Shell Shocked he has. Patricia and Vera can, however, heal 2 damage if the Anti-Bleeding Pill is purchased first.


  • This item is one of the cheapest items in Duo Hunters Mode.
  • This item's appearance changes if Emily is wearing an A- or S- Tier costume. Even if the player is not Emily, they will still receive a special syringe if they purchase one from the telephone booth if they have a special costume for Emily equipped.


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