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Voice of the Manor is a D-Tier Custom Lobby and room that can be used as a hub between playing matches. It can be purchased from the Illusion Hall and is the cheapest room option besides the default Lobby.


This is a small square room with two staircases, one which leads directly to a small door, the other stair going down to a tiny floor space with a bookshelf and the door to return to the default lobby. On the wall next to the lower portion are 3 tall opaque windows that reach the ceiling and let in moonlight. Two the remaining walls are wooden, while the third is covered by a series of curtains.


For a full list of furniture, please click here. However, upon purchase the room will come with non-exclusive functional furniture, including:

  • Dusty Bookshelf - a grey wooden bookshelf, can be used to enter matches.
  • Armchair - can be used to enter the Logic Path.
  • Muse Mark - a small painting of a spiral, can be used to enter the Illusion Hall.
  • TBA - a standing mirror with a simple frame that allows you to change character/costume
  • TBA - a moderately large piano, can be used to alter the room.
  • Newspaper Stack - a pile of newspapers, used to view saved matches


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