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White Sand Street Asylum is a large map available in Identity V. It is one of the largest and most detailed maps in the game, and the rarest map to appear. It can only be accessed in Quick Match and Custom Mode.


White Sand Street Asylum was formerly an orphanage funded by Kreacher Pierson before being turned into an asylum run by the church. Many of the children who were initially in the orphanage had psychological problems, and so were also admitted into the asylum, including Lisa Beck (now Emma Woods). After becoming an asylum Lisa Jones (now Emily Dyer) worked there as a volunteer under Sister Lorraine. During the period of time Emily stayed at the asylum, she offered many patients (including Emma) electroshock therapy.

Notable Locations


A large chunk of the map is devoted to tiny rooms with hard beds and prison-like doors. This section takes up the entire eastern wing of the map, and there can be 1-2 ciphers that spawn in this area.


Next to the reception, Study rooms, and bathrooms is a small chapel with pews, a podium, and a grand piano. A cipher will commonly spawn in front of the podium.


A large outdoor section with a round fountain is in the center of the map next to the cafeteria. A secondary smaller courtyard with a corner balcony can be found further west. Benches make up most of the obstacles here, and a cipher machine can be found in either courtyard.

Hospital Beds

There are two rooms (one very large and one moderately sized) which contain hospital beds and screens. The larger room connects the two courtyards and is the furthest east room, while the smaller room is next to the chapel and cells

Electoshock Chair

There is a single room just to the south of the smaller room of hospital beds. It is fairly empty except for a boxy machine and an electroshock chair.

Central Living Areas


Next to the southernmost exit gate is a receptionist desk within a small, open room.


In the center of the map, next to the large courtyard, is a long room with lots of long tables.


On the northern end of the map is a small kitchen with counters, and various cookware around. There is a small pantry to one side of it.

Play Room

This is a small room on the northern end of the map, connected to the bathrooms. It contains art easels, small tables, and a rocking horse.


There are two bathrooms above the chapel and smaller hospital beds room, and beneath the play room. None of the stalls have doors remaining. There is also a room with showers right above the cafeteria to the west, with a few broken bathroom stalls in the room next to it. The only one of these rooms with pallets is the shower room.

Study Rooms

Right above reception and next to the chapel are four small rooms with comfy armchairs, books, and desks. These rooms are very difficult for hunters to navigate, making it suitable for survivors to escape through.

Security Rooms

There is a main security room with a console that will reveal the location of ciphers, exit gates, and other players for a short time. This console can be used by both hunters and survivors. A secondary security room is found within the Study area.

Exit Gates

There are two exit gates on this map. In the northernmost room near the garbage dumpsters, and in the southernmost room next to reception.

Basement Locations

As with most maps, there are two Hunter's basement locations.

  1. In the cafeteria
  2. In the chapel

Dungeon Locations

There are 5 possible spawn locations for the escape dungeon

  • In the larger security room, near an exit gate.
  • In the thin hallway underneath the Cafeteria towards reception.
  • In the smaller courtyard near the room with the larger hospital beds.
  • In the bathrooms
  • In one of the cells (3rd from the end of the hallway headed to reception)




IDENTITY V NEW MAP trailer The Asylum

Asylum Map trailer


  • This map has connections to many different characters, and is commonly referred to in deductions and letters.
  • Due to most of the map having ceilings, a majority of Rocket Chairs dig themselves underground similar to the basement ones instead of firing up.


  • For the original map which has pallets, ciphers, rocket chairs, etc, click here: Original map link
  • Official concept art by Jie He and found on their site
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